ACEC Committees

To conduct its business, our association relies on a number of committees, task forces, and other advisory bodies. These volunteer groups (outlined below) are indispensable to the work of the association. If you would like to know more, or would like to join a committee, contact ACEC President and CEO, John Gamble, at


Budget and Finance Committee
The Budget and Finance Committee develops and recommends financial policies for the association, and provide input into the budgeting process.


Federal/Industry Real Property Advisory Council
ACEC members and other representatives of the design and construction sector meet with federal departments and agencies that employ consulting engineers to design, manage and operate their property assets to discuss business practices and policy issues.


DND/DCC Liaison Committee
ACEC members discuss business practices and policy issues with the Department of National Defence (DND), and with Defence Construction Canada (DCC).


General Reserve Investment Committee
The General Reserve Investment Committee develops policies and guidelines to direct the management and stewardship of the association's reserves.


International Advisory Group
ACEC members interested in international business opportunities provide guidance to ACEC as it relates to its dealing with Global Affairs Canada.​


Governance Committee
The Governance Committee recommends and reviews policies to help the Board of Directors govern with excellence and comply with applicable legislation and regulations.


Business Integrity and Transparency Task Force
The Business Integrity and Transparency Task Force considers issues of integrity and transparency within the Canadian consulting sector and develop and recommends ACEC polices on this issue the Board.


Business Practices Advisory Group
The Business Practices Advisory Group provides advice and develops resources for business practices issues including the development of standard contract forms for consulting engineering projects, to be used by firms and their clients.


Student Outreach Advisory Group
The Student Outreach Advisory Group provides advice on ACEC's student outreach activities and how ACEC should engage with engineering students to promote consulting engineering as a career choice.


Allen D. Williams Scholarship Foundation
The Foundation oversees a scholarship program that allows young professionals from member firms to participate in the annual world conference, hosted by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).


ACEC national leadership conference Advisory Group
Group members identify strategies that will enhance the overall value of the conference for ACEC members and provide input for conference programming and marketing.


Social Media Working Group for Member Organisations (MOs)
This working group specifically for ACEC MOs provides a forum for discussing social media tools and best practices. The group enables participants to share information and learn about new technologies, social media platforms and tools in addition to encouraging a better alignement and coordination of social media efforts across ACEC's organisations.