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Good things are happening with ACEC’s Young Professional Network.


“The Network and its provincial Young Professional groups, having experienced tremendous growth over the past several years, provide wonderful opportunities for Young Professionals to contribute to the consulting engineering profession via the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Canada and the International Federation of consulting Engineers (FIDIC). Young Professional groups are being established in new areas and participation among Young Professionals is increasing as these groups host more events and publish more content. Young Professionals are encouraged to partake in various industry task forces, international initiatives with FIDIC, the annual ACEC national leadership conferences, social events, site tours and panels. The association provides a wonderful platform for Young Professionals to develop both personally and professionally.”
- Christine Harries, ing., Past Chair, ACEC Young Professional Network

YPN: A Pan-Canadian Network
There are YP groups all across Canada. The first was established in Alberta in 2005 and the most recent is Newfoundland and Labrador, founded in 2013. Groups in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick are thriving. Groups in the Northwest Territories and Newfoundland are emerging and getting organized as well. 

The YPN will unite and strengthen the YP network across Canada by promoting best practices and leadership while also creating a network of cross-disciplined and diverse engineers who will be the future leaders of the Canadian consulting engineering industry. 


  • To create a forum allowing YP Groups from across Canada to share ideas and best practices.
  • To serve as the voice of YPs to ACEC.
  • To promote ACEC and its activities to YPs across Canada.
  • To provide leadership and guidance for the development of new provincial YP Groups across Canada.
  • To assist in the development of the YP business program at the ACEC national leadership conference. 

What YP Groups Do
YP groups are directed towards Young Professionals, as defined by each ACEC Member Organisation, that work at ACEC member firms. YP groups host a variety of professional development seminars and networking events to develop business skills necessary to succeed in the consulting industry.

In addition to overall objectives of the YPN, the objectives of the various YP groups are:

  • To promote a better understanding of the function, role and business of ACEC Member Organizations.
  • To understand, promote and grow relationships between clients and consultants.
  • To create a network of cross discipline among young professionals within the engineering consulting industry.
  • To promote mentoring opportunities.
  • To interact with similar YP organizations within other industries to help promote consulting engineering, exchange ideas, and identify mutually beneficial opportunities.
  • To advocate on behalf of YPs to promote their interests within the consulting engineering industry.
  • To increase awareness of ACEC Member Organizations and consulting engineering to stakeholders and the general public.
  • To contribute by supporting a dynamic working environment.
  • To promote involvement in various ACEC Member Organization committees and at events.


For more information on ACEC's Young Professionals Network, contact Senior Communications and Marketing Specialist, Christina Locmelis at

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