About ACEC

Who We Are

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) is a not-for profit organization that has been the voice of Canadian consulting engineering companies since it was founded in 1925.

We represent the commercial interests of businesses that provide professional engineering services, to both the public and the private sector. Our members' services include planning, designing and implementing all types of engineering projects, and providing independent advice and expertise in a wide range of engineering-related fields.

ACEC's member companies directly influence virtually every aspect of quality of life in Canada-economic, social and environmental. Because engineering is a regulated profession, every individual employed by our members is required by law to act "with fidelity to the public interest."

ACEC is governed by its nearly 400 members: independent consulting engineering companies, organized into 12 provincial and territorial Member Organizations.


Promoting a business environment that recognizes and rewards our members’ expertise and contributions to society 


Strategic Priorities

These strategic priorities represent ACEC’s purpose and the core activities we undertake as an organization.


Influence the federal government and collaborate with national stakeholders to create a favorable public policy and business climate for consulting engineering companies in all sectors. 
Promote the use of business practices, including procurement systems, delivery models and contracts that offer consulting engineering firms a fair and appropriate sharing of risk and reward.


Increase the stature and influence of ACEC and its member firms by showcasing the impact of consulting engineers’ contributions to Canada’s social, economic and environmental quality of life.

Member Engagement

Increase participation of member firms by creating opportunities to develop, participate and utilize ACEC programs and services that support their business needs.

Enabling Strategies

These enabling strategies are tactics that enable ACEC to achieve its core activities.

ACEC & Member Organization Alignment

Improve alignment between and among ACEC and the Member Organizations to optimize resources and enhance delivery of programs and services to member firms.

Defining the Member Value Proposition

Identify programs and services that support the business needs of member firms.

Non-dues Revenues

Strengthen the member firms’ value with programs that generate non-dues revenue that mutually reinforces the financial resources of ACEC and the MOs.

Defining Members

Review and consider types of firms and practices that should be eligible for membership and create an appropriate membership structure that best serves the consulting engineering sector.

ACEC Strategic Plan 2016-2019

ACEC's programs and services are continually being evaluated and enhanced to offer opportunity and value to members.

"ACEC" is an official trademark of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Canada

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