2021 Election Campaign

ACEC-Canada invites you to support Prosperity by Design - a national campaign to amplify the voice of the consulting engineering industry during the federal election. Infrastructure is a core business of government and ACEC-Canada is making sure that it continues to be a priority during and after the election. You can play an important part in ensuring the campaign's success.

Prosperity by Design educates candidates on the important role our industry plays in bettering the lives of Canadians and why we need to leverage infrastructure to achieve an integrated economic and environmental vision for Canada. Visit www.investinfrastructure.ca for tools and resources to communicate directly with the candidates in your riding. It will also provide you with key messages and briefs on how the platforms of the major political parties address our industry's concerns for the economy and the environment. 

We've also developed an election primer that you can download here with details on how you can add your voice to our efforts.

Get involved and help ACEC-Canada ensure the voice of our industry is heard during this election!

Election Primer