Creating a Better Business and Regulatory Climate

ACEC statement of principles and policies: business integrity and transparency

By way of a resolution passed at its annual general meeting, ACEC members unanimously adopted a statement of principles and policies pertaining to business integrity and transparency. The adopted principles were recommended by an ACEC task force and are consistent with those of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). 

ACEC recommends that the consulting engineering sector adopt “zero tolerance toward bribery, extortion, coercion, fraud, collusion, conflict of interest and activities that may attempt to influence the selection or compensation of the company or affect its impartial judgement.”

ACEC is now developing tools and training to help members, particularly SMEs, adopt integrity management systems and protocols.

ACEC supports members’ right to litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

ACEC is aware that there are municipalities (and other public agencies) that are prohibiting engineering firms and contractors from participating in procurement opportunities with the municipality, sometimes for an extended period of time, if they are or have been engaged in either litigation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with that municipality. ACEC categorically opposes this practice. In support of its members, ACEC’s Board of Directors has formally adopted a position on procurement during litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Open letter to the Premiers on infrastructure, interprovincial trade and procurement

In response to comments arising from the Council of the Federation summer meeting in Charlottetown, ACEC issued an open letter to Canada’s Premiers. ACEC applauds the Premiers for significant attention being given to the need for infrastructure investment by all levels of government. ACEC also supports, in principle, enhancing internal trade within Canada. However, ACEC has also cautioned the Premiers that the recent New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) contains provisions that have unintentionally discouraged the use of qualifications-based selection (QBS), the recognized best practice for procurement of engineering services. ACEC believes that QBS will provide innovation and long-term savings on some infrastructure projects.

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