Bring an MP to Work

Attention consulting engineers!

Is there a project your firm worked on that showcases innovation or sustainability?  That involved a high level of engineering complexity, addressed environmental and sustainability issues, or that has had a positive social and/or economic benefit to the community? 

Then share the important story of this project with the ACEC’s Bring an MP to Work program. By taking part, you can showcase your project and raise your firm’s visibility and highlight to elected officials the contribution your team makes to the economy and the social and environmental quality of life of your community. 

That's what ten consulting engineering firms in Saskatchewan did by taking advantage of the Bring an MP to Work program. 


“The Bring an MP to Work program raises the consulting engineering industry’s profile with national and provincial decision makers, highlighting the importance of consulting engineers’ contributions to the growth of our communities,” said Paul Walsh, Past Chair of ACEC-SK, Senior Geotechnical Engineer at Ground Engineering Consultants Ltd. 


The firms who participated in this project tour reaped the benefits of their participation through increased visibility of their company and recognition of the valuable work their teams contributed to their community. And they helped tell an important story to elected officials and the public of the important work done by consulting engineers.


Interested in participating in the program?

The Bring an MP to Work program requires no prior political experience. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you! 



Help us in #SharingOurStory

Let us help you share your story – and help ACEC share ours! Sign up for the Bring an MP to Work campaign today to raise the profile of our industry to the public and the decision makers who can make a difference to the consulting engineering sector. Click here to download the form.

To submit your form, or for more information, please contact Nicholas Shiavo

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