Canada’s North



The Commitment:

The Liberal party has committed to help northern residents with the high cost of living by increasing the residency tax deduction by 33%. They have also committed to invest in social and green infrastructure by prioritizing investment in affordable housing and climate change preparedness. The Liberals claim this will, among other things, stimulate the economy.


ACEC member firms may benefit from these infrastructure investments and additional economic opportunities as a result of a growing northern economy. In terms of commitments to climate change and the political expectations of this government from some stakeholders, the lack of reference to natural resources such as mining, oil and gas in the context of northern development could be worrisome to ACEC members and their clients. However, there is an opportunity to present resource development in the context of commitments to strengthen environmental assessment and to rely on evidence-based decision making as potentially providing the social licence for economic opportunities offered by the resource sector.

ACEC’s Position:

ACEC will continue to promote the recommendations developed in the white paper entitled “Levelling the Playing Field” produced jointly with the Mining Association of Canada, the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines, and the Yukon Chamber of Mines. It reinforces the importance of infrastructure as the key to opening up regions to mineral exploration and mining development.

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