Greener Communities



The Commitment:

The Liberal party has committed to invest $20 Billion over the next decade in Canada’s sustainable infrastructure. This includes investments in “local water and wastewater facilities; clean energy; climate resilient infrastructure, including flood mitigation systems; and infrastructure to protect against changing weather.” This will begin with a boost of $6 billion over the next 4 years, increasing to $20 billion over 10 years.


This investment promised by the Liberal party is laudable. Infrastructure in general and sustainable infrastructure in particular is essential to Canada’s economic well-being. While 10 years of funding is a good start, it is also important to see funding that lasts well into the future so all levels of government can make long-term plans. It is also important that these dollars are spent effectively and efficiently; this requires the adoption of sound procurement strategies.

ACEC’s Position:

This is another good opportunity for many ACEC member firms. ACEC applauds the Liberal party’s substantial financial commitment, but also asks that the party commit to long-term, predictable funding in order to make prudent and effective planning possible. This is also an opportunity for ACEC and its member firms to educate policy makers and owners of infrastructure assets on tools available to encourage sustainable engineering such as Envision and FIDIC guidelines.

As with transit infrastructure funding, there may be an opportunity for ACEC to lobby the federal government to make the funding conditional on the adoption of Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS), P3s, or other acceptable procurement practices.

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