Making Decisions



The Commitment:

The Liberal party has committed to making evidence-based decisions, releasing information about the decision making process, and trying and measuring new approaches to existing problems in order to encourage accountability and innovation. They also emphasize that they will invest in programs of “good value”.


While the Liberal party does not specify the scope of this reform, it could include procurement reforms. Because the Liberal party has stated its commitment to “good value”, they are, in spirit, aligned with the principles of QBS. Additionally, they have committed to evidence-based decision making, so they could be persuaded to look at case studies from jurisdictions like Calgary, London, or the Province of Quebec, all of which already use QBS, or even the US, where there is a wealth of data.

ACEC’s Position:

First and foremost, ACEC encourages the federal government to include procurement practices within the scope of this promise, if it is not already included.

ACEC will encourage the federal government to look at data from Canadian jurisdictions that already use best practices for procurement, or even American jurisdictions. ACEC will encourage the federal government to incorporate the demonstrated cost savings of QBS into its policy making process. Additionally, ACEC will continue to present QBS as a “best value” procurement practice which is in line with the government’s own stated goals.

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