International Students and Temporary Residents



The Commitment:

The Liberal party has promised to give international students and temporary residents “credit” for time already spent in Canada. They will also change the Canadian Experience Class in order to reduce barriers to immigration.


ACEC has been advocating for changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) including certain administrative exemptions for international students and a clear path to permanent residency and citizenship, and reducing barriers for highly skilled workers to come to Canada through TFWP. The changes promised by the Liberal party are in step with ACEC’s recommendations regarding TFWP and are a good step toward allowing highly skilled workers to enter Canada. While ACEC still wants to see changes made to TFWP, these Liberal commitments are a step in the right direction.

ACEC’s Position:

ACEC applauds the Liberals’ commitment to giving international students and temporary residents a quick, clear path to permanent residency and citizenship. ACEC will continue to advocate for changes to TFWP that would reduce the red tape for highly skilled employees. ACEC will present its recommended changes as being consistent with the commitments the Liberals have already made.

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