Transit Funding



The Commitment:

The Liberal party has promised to invest in public transit by providing an additional $20 Billion over the next decade, which quadruples the current investment. They promise that this will be “long-term, predictable federal funding” for provinces, territories and municipalities.


This is a commendable policy. Infrastructure investment is an important task for all levels of government. It is especially important to provide long-term, predictable funding so that all levels of government can plan their spending and make more efficient use of their infrastructure investments. This should allow all levels of government to effectively incorporate life-cycle costing into their budgets because they will know how much funding is available in the future.

ACEC’s Position:

ACEC will continue to push for strong funding and in particular strategic and predictable funding. The life-cycle of infrastructure is not just 10 years, but many decades, so it is important that this funding last well into the future so that all levels of government can make effective long-term plans.

ACEC will also push for procurement reform in order to ensure that this money is invested efficiently. With the introduction of new funding allocations, there may be an opportunity for ACEC to lobby the federal government to make funding conditional on the adoption of Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) or other acceptable procurement practices. 

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