Parliament Hill Day 2011

In 2011, ACEC’s Hill Day focus was on infrastructure and the creation of a long-term plan. Given that all major political parties made a commitment to develop a long-term infrastructure plan in the last election, it afforded ACEC the chance to hold the government to account on this promise and to flesh out some ideas as to what this plan might include.

In short, ACEC encouraged the federal government to take a leadership role in terms of working with all provinces, municipalities, and key stakeholders to assess and prioritize the country’s infrastructure needs over the next three years. This is important because current funding programs expire in 2014 and it is anticipated that the government will be creating new infrastructure programs at that time. If proper planning and assessments take place between now and then, the government will be in a better position to allocate appropriate funds to address the most important infrastructure needs of the country.

Click here to view ACEC’s Position Paper on Infrastructure, which formed the basis of our Hill Day messaging.

Success Story

The result of ACEC's Parliament Hill Day is that over 40 letters of support for our position were sent to the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of Finance from all political parties. ACEC also received considerable media coverage from the event, including several radio interviews and an appearance on CBC News Network's the Lang and O’Leary Exchange (national business news program).

Click here to view ACEC President John Gamble's interview with Amanda Lang and Kevin O'Leary on CBC

Click here to view Summary Video of ACEC’s Hill Day 2011

Click here to view Highlights document of ACEC’s Hill Day 2011

Click here to view 2011 Hill Day photo gallery

On November 30, 2011, the Minister of Infrastructure announced that the government will begin the long-term planning process for a new infrastructure plan. ACEC was invited to the announcement and received a chance to personally congratulate the Minister on this initiative.  ACEC has also been invited to contribute as a stakeholder in the planning process as the government evaluates and prioritizes the infrastructure needs in Canada.

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