Working with Government

In our efforts to promote better procurement practices, ACEC liaises with various stakeholders-such as government departments and federal politicians-to assess various options for improving current processes.

Defence Construction Canada

ACEC is working with Defence Construction Canada (DCC) to explore the possibility of creating a pilot QBS project. In order to defend the potentially higher costs, DCC has asked any architectural and engineering firms that do business with it to develop a fee schedule. This will allow DCC to make its case - to the Treasury Board, which must approve all government spendingm, to its political masters and to the Canadian public - that QBS can offer genuine cost savings, and does not always result in higher fees. As well, ACEC liaises with both DCC and DND to discuss this issue, and others that affect firms that do business with DCC.

Federal/Industry Real Property Advisory Council

ACEC sits on a liaison committee called the Federal/Industry Real Property Advisory Council. Its membership consists of representatives of industries-architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers - that service federal property, plus officials from relevant government departments. ACEC chairs a working group that addresses a common procurement issue: technical scores given to competing firms are too little differentiated, which often results in price being the determining factor. ACEC recommends the InfraGuide Best Practice for selecting professional consultants. Click here for more information

Working with Elected Officials

ACEC meets regularly with various federal politicians to raise awareness of the procurement issue. In 2010, the topic was the focus of our annual Parliament Hill Day; and the result was that an MP was prepared to table a Bill in the House of Commons, to support legislating QBS for all federal contracts. Unfortunately, this initiative did not go forward, since all Bills on the order paper died when the election was called in 2011. However, we are still working to raise awareness of the issue, and to create support from all sides of the house before another Bill is tabled.


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