Understanding P3s in Canada

We recognize that Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) are becoming more common as a means of successfully delivering infrastructure projects. For this reason, in 2010 ACEC established a Task Force to explore the implications for consulting engineers, and to recommend strategies to support our membership's interests.

The resulting report, ACEC's Position Paper on P3s, synthesizes all the key information, and allows ACEC members and other interested parties to inform themselves about the current use of P3s in Canada. The paper examines why such partnerships-properly executed, and performed under the right circumstances-are now widely considered a viable alternative to more conventional models.

The report also identifies some of the opportunities and challenges, and the benefits and risks, of the Canadian experience of P3s. This information is useful in helping engineering firms and public owners to determine under what conditions the P3 model results in the most successful outcomes, as compared to other delivery models. It also provides guidance to owners and to consulting engineering companies that are considering involvement in any P3s. We should emphasize that this report does not advocate for or against the P3 model; it is intended only to educate, and to stimulate discussion.
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