Capilano Break Head Tank and Energy Recovery Facility

Knight Piésold Ltd.

North Vancouver, British Columbia


Metro Vancouver’s Seymour-Capilano Filtration Project in North Vancouver is one of the largest water transfer and treatment and energy recovery projects in North America. Raw water from the Capilano Reservoir is pumped up to the Seymour Filtration Plant through a seven kilometer tunnel to join water from the Seymour Reservoir for treatment. The Capilano volume is then returned under gravity through a second tunnel to the underground Capilano Break Head Tank and Energy Recovery Facility (BHT & ERF) where the excess head is reduced through either pressure reducing valves or an energy recovery turbine before discharge into the Capilano distribution system. The ERF partially offsets energy that is consumed by the pumps. Knight Piésold’s team designed and commissioned the BHT & ERF facility.

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