Chaudière Falls Hydroelectric Redevelopment Project


Ottawa, Ontario  

The Chaudière Hydroelectric Redevelopment project on the Ottawa River entailed the retirement of two existing small hydroelectric generating stations and the development of a single new hydroelectric facility. Hatch was retained to conduct detailed engineering, including all design, permitting, procurement and construction management of the new 29 MW generating station. The team addressed the design challenge of providing unfettered public access to the site and to Chaudière Falls by designing a below grade facility, which, combined with the newly constructed park, showcases the sweeping vista of the natural falls. The environmental constraints and land-use requirements imposed on the project were also significant. Limits on fish and American eel mortality forced the design team to develop both a protection system to prevent entrainment and a bypass system to allow both an upstream and downstream migration system, a first-of-its-kind in Canada.

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