Drayton Valley Water Treatment Plant

ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.

Drayton Valley, AB  

Commissioned in 1971, Drayton Valley’s Water Treatment Plant had reached the end of its service life and was no longer equipped to provide potable water to the Town’s existing and future populations. ISL Engineering and Land Services (ISL) responded by designing and delivering a new facility of just over 1,000m2 that not only meets the current and future demands of the community but is also innovative in its use of ultra-filtration membranes to eliminate turbidity issues and prevent further boil water advisories. In response to the Town’s requests, ISL also included a number of high-performance and efficient sustainable features; ensured materials selection, specifications and design details were all completed with a target life of 50 years before significant reinvestment will be required; and ensured the facility brought water treatment to the forefront by promoting water resource education. As a result, the completed facility has become a model for sustainable design and construction and a focal point in what is known as the Centre for Water Intelligence.

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