Transformation of the Wilder Building

SNC-Lavalin inc. & Bouthillette Parizeau

Montreal, QC  

Located in the heart of Montreal’s entertainment district (Quartier des spectacles), the Wilder-Espace Danse Building is the result of an ambitious project to retrofit a century-old building with renovations and expansions, each with different volume measurements and heights. The SNC-Lavalin and Bouthilette Parizeau team developed specific solutions for each building section, ensuring seamless integration, to create a functional whole. This project was particularly complex due to the concurrence of various constraints which the team transformed into opportunities by proposing customized, adapted systems. To overcome the challenges associated with meeting high acoustic targets (NC-25), increased HVAC demands, and three-metre utility-free ceilings, the designers used displacement ventilation and induction for the building’s periphery. These innovative approaches ensured outstanding comfort, acoustic quality, energy efficiency, and simplified operations and maintenance. The final result is an attractive, functional and efficient building with LEED® Silver certification. The jury was drawn to this project for several reasons. First, for achieving LEED® certification for an existing envelope which is a challenge in and of itself. Secondly, for the innovations of its HVAC system, which optimizes living space and improves occupant comfort through individual room control and noise reduction.

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