Construction of the new 112 highway (Black Lake)

Norda Stelo & SNC-Lavalin

From Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine to Thetford Mines (Black Lake sector), QC  

A landslide at the Lac d'amiante mine forced the closure of a section of Route 112 at Thetford Mines. The relocation of this crucial highway infrastructure was a priority for Transports Quebec (MTQ), as the road provides access to the Beauce region and highway 73. The consortium of Norda Stelo and SNC-Lavalin designed and monitored the relocation and related public works, including affected above and underground utilities. The mine, built on the site of a former lake, was surrounded by several heaps of tailings that included asbestos, which required extra caution and the use of more complex construction methods. In addition, the method developed by the consortium, along with the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (Quebec), to deal with the asbestos present in all the excavations was entirely new for such a large-scale road project, where workers and resident safety was paramount. The hilly topography and varied soil composition also added a significant degree of complexity, both for the structural design of the road surface and revegetation of the slopes. Despite daunting challenges, the public now benefits from a new, safe, and sustainable, roadway. For the jury, this project was a major achievement because of the health and safety challenges associated to working in an environment with asbestos. They were also impressed by the team’s ability to complete the project within $ 10M of the planned budget and by the community benefits derived from the road’s restoration.

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