CO2 Capture and Valorization


Saint-Félicien, QC  

BBA was chosen by CO2 Solutions to design and build the first commercial version of its “industrial lung” at the Resolute Forest Products (RFP) plant in Saint-Félicien. The technology captures CO2 emissions directly from industrial chimneys and purifies them using carbonic anhydrase, an enzyme similar to the one found in the human respiratory tract. The purified CO2 can then be used by Les Serres Toundra’s greenhouses to support cucumber growth. BBA designed all the equipment used in the project: the pre-treatment process to condition the CO2 prior to its capture, the equipment related to CO2 Solutions technology and the equipment that dries and compresses the gas between capture and delivery to the greenhouses. The jury described this project as transformational for its potential impact on the treatment of CO2, especially on an international scale. They appreciated the intersection of biology with what would traditionally be a technical solution.

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