Blatchford District Energy System - Phase 1

Edmonton, Alberta

With the closure of its municipal airport, the City of Edmonton sought to develop the 536-acre area into an environmentally friendly community. Associated Engineering collaborated with the city to design Blatchford Neighbourhood’s District Energy Sharing System, powered by renewable energy for heating, cooling, and hot water. The largest system of its kind in Canada, homes employ heat pumps to share unused energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable by design, Blatchford’s visionary neighbourhood District Energy Sharing System provides residents with energy from renewable sources and ensures the community’s energy resilience. The jury was impressed with the team’s repurposing of an already urbanized airport, allowing for the growth of communities without increasing urban sprawl. Deemed the neighborhood of the future by the jury, this modular and scalable project sets out a vision for what urban living will be for Canadians.

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