Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre - Growing Up Healthy (Phase 2) redevelopment


The "Growing Up Healthy" program (Phase 2) of the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre aimed to completely transform spaces of an outdated building into modern facilities in order to equip them with the necessary infrastructure to better meet the needs of mothers and children. CIMA+ has worked jointly with the hospital centre since 2017 to ensure the success of this project, which seeks to create functional spaces better adapted to current and future medical practices. The team was mandated to lead the modernization program, providing a complete solution for project management, risk management, cost management, schedule management and procurement management. Thanks to the CIMA+ team's strong leadership at every stage of the lifecycle, the hospital's needs were met and the work was delivered without disrupting operations, while optimizing costs and schedules in the context of the pandemic. This is an outstanding achievement for the hospital's assets. Successfully handling the unexpected task of asbestos removal while maintaining the building’s activities and staying within the allocated budget hit all the right points for the jurors.

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