2022 Nominations

Application Process for the Allen D. Williams Scholarship

​This prestigious annual award serves as an incentive for Young Professionals to get involved with their respective Provincial/Territorial Associations to advance the priorities identified by these organizations. In the process, they enhance their knowledge of industry issues and advance their own professional development.

The winner has the opportunity to register for the FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate (FLMC) – Fall 2021 (starts January 2022) and will receive up to $5,000 to attend the 2022 FIDIC Conference. There, they will attend sessions geared towards young professionals in the industry while sharing their experiences with young professionals from around the world.

Intent to Nominate Application Form

Process Summary:

For a Young Professional to be nominated as a potential candidate, submissions must be presented by a Senior Partner or Principal to a Member Organization by the deadline. The submission must summarize the candidate's involvement in and/or contribution to industry initiatives.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Member Organization to determine which candidate is the most qualified. That candidate’s name and full submission will then be forwarded for consideration by the Foundation’s jury for the next applicable award.

  1. Eligibility Criteria
  2. Submission Format - Candidate
  3. Submission Format - Member Organization
  4. Deadlines

Guidelines for Nominations:

1. Eligibility Criteria

  1. Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada. The Young Professional shall have completed an educational foundation, plus experience and examinations, allowing them to be accepted as a member in good standing of an organization related to the consulting engineering industry.
  2. Young Professional (YP) shall be an employee of an ACEC Member Firm in good standing.
  3. The YP shall be a prospective leader within the firm, involved in an engineering or related discipline, and have demonstrated experience in management and project delivery.
  4. The YP shall conform to the FIDIC criteria for a Young Professional, as defined by FIDIC (which currently includes an upper age limit of 40 years as of the date of the next FIDIC conference).
  5. The YP shall be involved with or contributing to a priority identified by ACEC or an ACEC Member Organization.
  6. The YP shall be nominated by a Member Organization, at the required time as selected by the Board of Directors of the Foundation, for consideration by the Foundation's Jury.
  7. The YP shall complete a personal interview, administered by the Member Organization.
  8. The YP will have demonstrated initiative, creativity and the ability to work as a team player in furthering the goals and objectives of a Member Organization or ACEC.
  1. The YP will provide a listing of extracurricular and volunteer activities (one page maximum), specifically those that contribute to the betterment and overall visibility of the Consulting Engineering Industry in Canada.
  2. The YP shall submit a one page essay describing why the applicant feels he or she should be awarded the scholarship.

    This essay should include:

    What are the applicant's career objectives? How will this scholarship help the applicant achieve his or her goals? What will be the impact of the applicant's work in terms of (but not limited to) wealth creation, job creation, industry growth, quality of life and other benefits to society?
  1. The YP shall submit a letter of recommendation from an individual who is a Principal or Partner of the member firm, who is familiar with his/her interest in consulting engineering, commenting on his/her current leadership, commitment and volunteer activities as well as the ability to network and build relationships. The recommendation should also indicate support for the YP's participation in the FIDIC conference.
  1. The YP shall submit a minimum of one (and no more than two) recommendation letters from an individual who is a Client of the member firm, who is familiar with his/her current leadership, commitment to projects and ability to build relationships.

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2. Submission Format - Candidate

To be submitted to a Member Organization

  1. Intent to Nominate
    1. Completion of application form
  2. Official Submission
    1. One page essay as described in eligibility criteria
    2. Summary of extracurricular activities as described in eligibility criteria
    3. Letter(s) of recommendation - can include up to two letters of recommendation from an employer and up to two letters of recommendation from a client.
    4. Applicants should not submit additional pages in excess of those described above as these will not be reviewed.

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3. Submission Format - Member Organization

To be submitted to ACEC:

The Member Organization is to provide the selected candidate's full submission with a cover letter confirming the candidate's recommendation and detailing the highlights of the candidate's submission to be considered by the Jury of the Foundation.

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4. Deadlines

  • Intent to Nominate: March 5, 2021 (Submission of application form to Member Organization by the employer)
  • Official Submission: March 26, 2021 (Complete candidate submission to Member Organization)
  • Submission to ACEC (by MO): April 23, 2021
  • Jury deliberates and chooses winner: May 14, 2021
  • Notice to winner: May 17, 2021
  • Scholarship Award 2022 presentation: to be confirmed
  • Winner has opportunity to register for FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate (FLMC) – Fall 2021 (Starts January 2022)
  • Winner attends FIDIC conference in the fall of 2022

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