2023 Nominations

Do you know an individual who, during their career, has served ACEC-Canada in an exceptional way either through their diligent work within the association or by contributing to the stature of consulting engineering by their general accomplishments? Wish to recognize their lifelong achievements in the consulting engineering industry? We encourage you to submit their name for the 2023 Beaubien Award.

Since 1985, the Beaubien Award has been presented to individuals nominated by their peers for lifetime contributions to the advancement of the profession and the consulting engineering industry. The award was created by ACEC in 1984 in honour of Dr. James de Gaspé Beaubien, who founded ACEC in 1925.

Submission deadline for nominations is Friday April 21, 2023.


The Beaubien Award shall be conferred by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors at a duly constituted meeting upon an individual who is or was a Member of the Association, either as an individual or by virtue of corporate membership. 

• Distinguished Members shall be nominated from existing or past member-firms of the Association who, during their career, have served the Association in an exceptional way either by diligent work within the Association or by contributing to the stature of consulting engineering by their general accomplishments.

• Any Voting Representative of a Member Firm may propose a candidate by a written submission to the Board of Directors setting out in detail the particulars of the individual's career and the noteworthy contribution made by the individual.

• The Board shall require the Past Presidents/Chairs’ Council to evaluate the proposal and make recommendations with respect to it.

• The Board shall consider the recommendation(s) and may, by unanimous vote, confer the Beaubien Award upon the individual(s) proposed.

• The Association will arrange an appropriate occasion for the presentation of the Award and of a suitably inscribed scroll acknowledging services rendered.

• The Association will publicize the conferring of the Beaubien Award in its publications and related publications.

• Past Presidents/Chairs of the Association, having retired from that capacity for at least five (5) years, are eligible for nomination.

• Past members of the ACEC Board of Directors, having retired from that capacity for at least three (3) years, are eligible for nomination.

For a print version of the Nomination Criteria click here.

Submission Format

Suggested Guidelines:

Submissions are not to exceed 7 pages in length (not including appendices) and are to be submitted on “8.5 x 11” paper using 11 point font. Submissions that exceed these guidelines will be returned for reformatting.

Submissions should be in the form of a letter addressed to:

Past-Chairs Council
c/o ACEC

The letter should include:

A) Greatest achievement the candidate should be known for (suggested 1 page max.)

B) Identify examples in each of the following categories that highlight the candidate’s leadership, public profile, specific achievements and volunteer initiatives:

• Community (suggested 1.5 page max.)

• Profession (suggested 1.5 page max.)

• Industry/business (suggested 1.5 page max.)

• Involvement with ACEC and/or member organizations (suggested 1.5 page max.)

C) Relationship of the nominator to candidate and years known

In addition to the letter itself, up to 10 pages of supporting documentation may be provided as appendices, including:

A) CV of candidate

B) Other endorsements if applicable (e.g. media reports, professional industry or community, press releases, awards, citations etc.)

For a print version of the submission format click here.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for nominations is Friday April 21, 2023.