Royal Alberta Museum


Royal Alberta Museum

Edmonton, AB  

The Royal Alberta Museum in downtown Edmonton is designed to tell the story of Alberta, inside and out. A unique and innovative design, engineering precision and sustainability are intrinsic to the architectural vision. Keeping the museum’s diverse collection and conservation programs safe while creating a welcoming and engaging place for visitors and staff presented unique challenges. Concrete two-way flat plate slabs were selected for the gallery floors to efficiently and cost-effectively support the heavy load of displays and stored collections. The high thermal mass of the concrete structure helps protect the collections against temperature fluctuations while reducing demand on mechanical systems. A spiral cast-in-place concrete staircase acts as the focal point of the lobby and results in a functional, one-of-a-kind sculpture. DIALOG was awarded the project with Ledcor and Lundholm Associates as part of an international design competition. The new museum is an impressive place to explore and connect—to Alberta, to ideas, and to people. In selecting this project, the jury noted its uniqueness, the combination of aesthetics and functionality, and how the design incorporates a number of social benefits.

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Canadian Consulting Engineer article



This project won a 2019 Award of Excellence in the Buildings category at the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards on October 29, in Ottawa.

Awards of Excellence are bestowed to ACEC member firms who have achieved the highest level of excellence in quality of engineering, innovation and societal benefit. 

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