First Nation Land Management Regime: Environmental/Engineering Challenge

Day 10 of # 20 Days of Excellence

PINTER & Associates Ltd.
First Nation Land Management Regime: Environmental/Engineering Challenge
First Nation Reserves, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Several First Nations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba have joined the First Nation Land Management Regime. This process enhances sovereignty, protection and management of land, natural resources and people for each First Nation while facilitating sustainable economic development. PINTER applied technical engineering expertise for an environmental site assessment and remediation, an innovative, Nation-specific environmental management and protection program and environmental law system development. Benefits include a novel, integrated, reserve-specific, economic development climate, superior environmental protection measures and First Nation control over their land.

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Canadian Consulting Engineer article

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This project won a 2015 Award of Excellence in the Special Projects category at the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards on October 23, in Ottawa.
Awards of Excellence are bestowed to ACEC member firms who have achieved the highest level of excellence in quality of engineering, innovation and societal benefit. 

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