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A 2-day pre-conference Young Professionals (YP) Forum exclusive to rising leaders 40 years of age and under who wish to hone their skills through targeted professional development and networking opportunities. Each session will be devoted specifically to YPs in the consulting engineering sector and will challenge them to think critically and apply their creativity and communication skills.

Participants will first connect with their peers to assess core values, working styles, and identify short and long-term goals and career path options. The association’s four strategic priorities will be introduced by a member of the ACEC Board of Director’s, after which forum participants, divided into groups, will strategize and provide input from a YP perspective. Groups will develop rapid fire presentations outlining their recommendations which will be presented to the ACEC Board on Sunday afternoon.

Other sessions will provide insight into managing your career and assessing what professional development opportunities may be relevant to you. Participants will create career action plans and take part in activities that will enhance their communication and presentation skills, preparing them for future performance reviews and career progression opportunities.

Overall, the forum will allow participants to develop their skills through practical application and will provide an opportunity to network in an engaging and dynamic setting.

The forum will be followed by a 1.5-hour Roundtable discussion for the ACEC Young Professionals Network (YPN) which will inform participants about YP activities across the country and provide an open forum for general discussion.