2010 Summit

Held in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, June 23-26, this event featured an impressive array of speakers on topics such as the Canadian, U.S., and international stimulus packages; and some trends in areas such as insurance, public-private partnerships, and the economy. There was also a lively discussion on the human-resource challenges faced by senior executives, and by young professionals. The ever-fascinating Owners' Roundtable event drew large crowds, as did ACEC's annual Cross-Canada reports.

Summit & National Convention 2010

The informative and material delivered during the Summit included these presentations:

Market Trends Panel: The Future As We Know It

  1. Mark Casaletto, V.P. and General Manager, Reed Construction Data
    Canadian Construction Overview
  2. Ken Tichack, Associate AIA, PSMJ Resources
    The U.S. Perspective
  3. Peter MacArthur, Director General, Global Business Opportunities, DFAIT
    The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Current Climate: How Demands Are Changing

  1. Warren Long, Principal, Milkish Oaks Inc.
    How Demands Are Changing: A Client's Perspective
  2. Brian Watkinson, Principal, Strategies 4 Impact
    Exploring New Project Delivery Models

Business Session: Trends in Law, Liability and Insurance: A Potpourri

  1. Derek Holloway, Senior Vice-President, ENCON
    Trends in Law, Liability and Insurance: A Potpourri
  2. Stephen Panciuk, Vice-President, ENCON
    Managing Risk Through Written Contracts
  3. Owen Pawson, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP
    Recent Developments in Construction Law: A Potpourri

Building a Successful Firm: Making Money and Winning Jobs

  1. Andrew Steves, Corporate Strategic Advisor, ADI Limited (a Trow Global Company)
    Building a Successful Firm

Meeting the Challenge: Building High-Performance Organizations

  1. DeWayne J. Fliss, President, Concord Consulting
    Building High Performance Organizations

  2. Louise Lemon, Deputy Minister, Supply and Services, Government of N.B.
    The Public Owner's Perspective

CEOs' and Principals' Roundtables

  1. Small Firms
  2. Medium Firms
  3. Large Firms
  4. Extra-Large Firms
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