Benefits of ACEC Membership

“ACEC’s mission is to make its members more successful” – ACEC Strategic Plan


Becoming a member of ACEC provides a number of benefits, helping you to strengthen not just your own business, but Canada’s consulting engineering community as a whole. The investment in membership gives you excellent opportunities to network with industry leaders, as well as access to a range of helpful business resources. And being part of our vibrant national organization—the only body of its kind in Canada—enables you to advocate for the engineering industry, and to contribute to its future.


Other benefits of ACEC membership include:


  • Attending the ACEC Annual Summit and National Convention, the premier meeting ground for like-minded professionals to discuss best practices, business trends, and industry challenges.

  • Signing up for workshops, training courses and seminars, featuring the expertise of engineering educators, industry leaders, and business innovators.
  • Discovering potential new partners and learning about new business opportunities.
  • Profiling your firm nationally through online membership directories and related websites.
  • Having the opportunity to submit your projects to the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards, with the possibility of winning a national engineering award.
  • Participating in the business network of a strong and diverse industry, with the potential for access to major international markets.
  • Contributing to the association’s internal committees and working groups.

Government Relations and Advocacy

As the recognized voice of Canada’s consulting engineering sector, ACEC tirelessly advocates for a positive business and regulatory climate for all its national network of members. We work with representatives of government, industry, and other stakeholders to promote favourable conditions in terms of infrastructure investment, effective procurement policies, fair legal agreements, and appropriate compensation methods. Our members enjoy the benefits of our:

  • Strong voice that represents the business interests of all members.
  • Ability to act locally, yet have provincial, national, and international influence.
  • Influence with government policy-makers at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels.
  • Opportunities to speak out on issues that affect the industry.
  • Vision to take stock of tomorrow’s issues, to allow members to properly plan for change.
  • Contacts with knowledgeable professionals, with experience in speaking to the media and to government decision-makers.
  • Communication networks with client groups, to promote members’ business interests.

For more information on ACEC’s government relations and advocacy activities, visit our Advocacy page.

Client Liaison and Networking

ACEC and its Member Organizations meet regularly with major clients and regulators to discuss and act on issues of common interest. We also regularly discuss such issues with other associations, such as professional groups, the construction industry, and related technology groups. As well, our liaison committees discuss business issues with key clients, with the aim of promoting mutually beneficial professional and commercial relationships.

To learn more, visit our Committees page.

Business Resources for Members

ACEC and its Member Organizations offer a variety of industry-specific tools for use by practising professionals. These resources (most are offered at special member prices) include an extensive suite of documents including:

  • Studies and issue papers
  • Reference materials
  • Standard agreements and contracts
  • Business and practice management guides

ACEC members also have access to similar resources through FIDIC (the Federation of International Consulting Engineers) and CCDC (the Canadian Construction Documents Committee). Also available are regular industry publications and surveys on issues such as business trends and benchmarks, client assessments, and human resource compensations. To learn more about documents and publications available from ACEC, visit our E-Shoppe.

We also work with other professional and government organizations to host workshops, training courses and seminars for our members, featuring the expertise of educators, industry leaders, and technical innovators.

Promoting the Industry

Our association believes in taking every opportunity to showcase the contribution of consulting engineering to the social, economic, and environmental quality of life in Canada. We hold several annual high-profile events that help to raise awareness of our profession and our association.

Among these events are:

The Annual Summit and National Convention. This conference, held every June in a different Canadian city, is the industry’s premier networking opportunity. It focuses on key issues, business practices and forecasts, and emerging trends, and provides an opportunity for industry leaders to share their experiences and ideas. The Summit includes our annual general meeting, at which participants help to chart our association’s future and priorities.

For more information, view our Events page.

The Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards ceremony. Held every year in Ottawa, this event is organized jointly by ACEC and Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine. The CCE Awards are recognized as the industry’s highest honours, offered only to the most remarkable engineering feats undertaken by Canadian firms.

For more information, view our Events page.

In addition to hosting our own events, we also support and participate in events hosted by other organizations. These include National Engineering Week, and the Canadian Engineering Leadership Forum.

ACEC maintains close ties with the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, with the goal of reaching out to the next generation of industry professionals and leaders. To the same end, we have also established the Student Outreach Program. Its purpose is to attract younger people to the profession of consulting engineering, and to show them that our field offers valuable opportunities for a rewarding career.

Once young professionals have joined the industry, ACEC supports and encourages their development and introduces them to the “business” of consulting engineering through a special Young Professionals (YP) program offered by most Member Organizations. A recent innovation is a National YP network to allow YPs to network across Canada and expand their programs and opportunities.

ACEC has also established a scholarship to recognize the success of our young professionals. Every year, the Allen D. Williams Scholarship pays for one young employee of a member firm to attend the annual FIDIC conference. (For more information, view our Scholarship page.)


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