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A leader in providing professional liability insurance to design consultants and their business

As a leading managing general agent in Canada, ENCON offers professional liability insurance for a wide range of engineering firms - from small, single practitioner operations to multinational, multidisciplinary firms.

ENCON’s products help to safeguard design consultants and businesses from claims and allegations of professional negligence. 

In 40% of claims reported to us, the design consultant is without a written contract.  Protect yourself.  Learn from ENCON’s risk management tips.

Risk Management Tips and Resources

10 Ways to Mitigate Risk

The following “10 principles of good practice” are based on lessons learned in ENCON’s more than 50 years of claims analysis and risk management. 

  1. Sell your firm and your services fairly
  2. Educate your client
  3. Insist on an equitable written contract
  4. Do not play lawyer
  5. Develop a specific project plan
  6. Keep your client informed
  7. Deal promptly with problems
  8. Use written records
  9. Do not certify what you have not seen
  10. Think before suing for fees

These principles can go a long way in managing your exposure to liability and should be considered as a minimum standard of procedures when providing professional services.

For in-depth information and claims examples for each of these principles, see ENCON’s Loss Control Bulletins.

Risk Management Advisories

Gain insight on various risk management topics and ways to minimize your exposure to potential liabilities with these advisories.

  • Controlling Exposure to Risk – When design consultants look at the project from start to finish, they may find that a good risk strategy can make all the difference. What are the key factors that firms should always consider when identifying risks?  Read more
  • Limitation of Liability Clauses – Understanding how limitation of liability clauses work in an agreement can limit a design consultant’s liability exposure when providing design services or engaging other design consultants to perform part of the services. Read more

For more information, visit ENCON’s website or contact your broker* for a quote.


ENCON has earned the endorsement of both the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada and Engineers Canada since 1969, and continues to collaborate with these associations to ensure a program that offers stability and longevity to their members.



Broker – If you do not currently have a broker, contact any member of ENCON’s Underwriting Team for a list of brokers in your area: (toll free) 1-800-267-6884 or info@encon.ca 

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