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Founded in 2004, Innovia is a specialist management consultancy that focuses on helping AEC firms grow and sharpen their performance.  

We exist to help our clients improve business practices, drive revenues, cultivate creativity and deliver on their brand promises. With a hands-on, collaborative approach, we provide management consulting services, develop tailored approaches and execute integrated solutions to help our clients achieve strategic goals.

Our clients advance their industries. We advance our clients.

Here are some of the ways we help:

Strategy: Smart, differentiated business strategy is critical to a company’s growth and success. We help our clients develop strategic plans and build business roadmaps to accelerate growth, change market focus, improve profitability, restructure and prepare for changes of control.

Business Development & Strategic Marketing: Astute use of communications and business development tools can drive revenue, growth and brand recognition. We develop and implement integrated marketing processes that help our clients achieve better top-line results.

Finance & Operations: Successful AEC businesses need special approaches to managing money that match their ambitions, scale and culture. We look closely at our clients’ systems and processes to find opportunities to optimize and generate cash.

Talent Management & Development: People are the primary economic resource in an AEC business. We assist senior leaders in actively shaping their workforces by introducing systems and processes for managing recruitment, retention, compensation and skills, and delivering custom learning and development programs that enable our clients to succeed in changing business environments and meet their strategic goals.

Succession Planning: Succession planning is a continuous strategic process that can build a firm’s value and ensure long-term resilience. We help owners assess their options for succession and support them by developing and facilitating succession plans that successfully integrate business strategy, people and finances.



Our team is committed to helping our AEC clients improve their business knowledge and management skills. We deliver focused seminars and workshops on behalf of industry-leading associations and regularly publish key observations, insights and industry news in our newsletter and across social channels. Sign-up and follow us, or visit our website for a complete overview of upcoming webinars and courses.



Innovia is located in Toronto, Canada and works with clients across Canada and the United Kingdom. Let’s talk about how we can advance your business together.
500-247 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 3A8