ACEC at a Glance


The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) represents companies in Canada that provide professional engineering services to both public and private-sector clients. These services include the planning, design and execution of all types of engineering projects as well as providing independent advice and expertise in a wide range of engineering and engineering-related fields. Through offering these services, ACEC member companies have a direct influence on virtually every aspect of the economic, social and environmental quality of life in Canada. Moreover, as part of a regulated profession, the engineers employed by ACEC companies are obligated by law to act with fidelity to the public interest. 

Founded in 1925, ACEC today is a member governed association of close to 400 independent consulting engineering companies, and 12 provincial and territorial Member Organizations. Consulting engineering in Canada is a $28.0 billion a year industry. Canada is globally recognized for its engineering services and is the second largest provider of engineering services in the world. 

ACEC is a member of the Fédération Internationale d’Ingénieurs Conseils (FIDIC), the global voice of consulting engineering.



The ACEC logo evokes a maple leaf encircled by the engineers’ Iron Ring – a recognized and respected symbol of the engineers’ great responsibility and duty to the public. In this vein, ACEC member firms aspire to be the trusted advisors to their clients – relied upon for innovative, sustainable solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges. The ring was designed with 12 discrete elements representing each of our provincial and territorial Member Organizations.



The resultant abstract presentation of the ring also suggests both a globe on its axis and a sense of motion and change. This represents the talented, business-minded professionals who apply their knowledge and expertise to improve quality of life for Canadians and the broader international community. This is reinforced by ACEC’s concise, aspirational tagline: “Shaping tomorrow’s world.”


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