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-30- Forensic Engineering
49North Engineering Corp. a division of Building Solutions Apogee Inc.
A.D. Fiander Associates
A.J. Clarke and Associates Ltd.
Accutech Engineering Inc.
Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Limited
Aedifica Consultants inc.
AES Engineering
CONSOR Engineers LLC
Ainley Group
Aiolos Engineering Corporation
Akron Engineering Consultant's Group Ltd.
ALFA Engineering Ltd.
Allnorth Consultants Limited
Almor Testing Services Ltd.
Al-Terra Engineering (Red Deer) Ltd.
Al-Terra Engineering Ltd.
Anrep Krieg Desilets Gravelle Ltd.
Aplin Martin
Aquafor Beech Limited
Archibald Gray & McKay Engineering Ltd.
Arcon Engineering Consultants Limited
Arrow Engineering Inc.
Associated Engineering
Atkins & Van Groll Consulting Engineers
Atkinson Engineering Inc.
Atlantic Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Ausenco Engineering Canada Inc.
B. J. Tworzyanski Limited
B. M. Ross and Associates Limited
BA Consulting Group Ltd.
Barr Engineering & Environmental Science Canada Ltd.
BBA inc.
BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd.
BCL Engineering Ltd.
Beacon Engineering
Beaulier inc
Beckie Hydrogeologists (1990) Ltd.
BGC Engineering Inc.
Binnie Consulting Ltd.
Black & Veatch Canada Company
Blackwell Structural Engineers
Blondin Fortin & Associés
BluMetric  Inc. (WESA)
Boge & Boge (1980) Ltd.
Boissonnault McGraw & Associates Ltd.
Bouthillette Parizeau inc.
BPTEC Engineering Ltd.
Brown and Caldwell
Brownlee Beaton Kreke (Regina) Ltd.
Brunswick Engineering
Buchan, Lawton, Parent Ltd
Bunt & Associates Engineering (B.C.) Ltd.
Bush, Bohlman & Partners LLP
Campbell Comeau Engineering Limited
Can-Technologies Inc.
Catterall & Wright
CBCL Limited
CDM Smith Canada
Cemcorp Ltd.
CGM Engineering Ltd.
CHA Canada, Inc.
Chatwin Engineering Ltd.
Groupe Conseil CHG, SENC
Chorley & Bisset Ltd.
CitiWest Consulting Ltd.
Clifton Associates Ltd.
Clunie Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Cole Engineering Group Ltd.
Coles Associates Ltd.
Collings Johnston Inc.
Comcor Environmental Limited
Conquest Engineering Ltd.
Construction & Expertise PG Inc.
Consultec Ltd.
Core Engineering Inc.
COWI North America Ltd.
Crandall Engineering Ltd.
Crosbie Engineering Ltd.
Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd.
Crossey Engineering Ltd.
CTM Design Services Ltd.
CTQ Consultants
Cunliffe & Associates Inc.
CVL Engineers Inc.
Cyril J. Demeyere Limited
CWMM Consulting Engineers Ltd.
D.M. Wills Associates Limited
D.E.S. Engineering Limited
D.G. Biddle & Associates Limited
Daniels Wingerak Engineering Ltd.
Daotek Concept inc.
David Schaeffer Engineering Ltd.
Davroc & Associates Ltd.
D-Code Engineering Ltd.
Dearden and Stanton Limited
Delcom Limited
Development Engineering (London) Limited
DGH Engineering Ltd.
Dillon Consulting Limited
DKM Engineering Ltd.
DL Minter Engineering Inc.
DMD & Associates Electrical Consultants Ltd.
DMG Consulting Limited
Doherty Engineering Inc.
Dorward Engineering Services Ltd.
Doug Dixon & Associated
DST Consulting Engineers Inc.
Dyregrov Robinson Inc.
Eagle Engineering Corp.
Eastech Engineering Consultants
Eastern Designers & Company Limited
EastPoint Engineering Limited
ENGCOMP Engineering & Computing Professionals Inc.
Engineering Harmonics Inc.
Englobe Corp.
ENG-TECH Consulting Limited
Environmental Infrastructure Solutions
EPCM Services Ltd.
Eramosa Engineering Inc.
Estabrooks Engineering Inc.
exp Services Inc.
Fast + Epp
Flat River Consulting
Frykberg Innovations Inc.
Fundy Engineering and Consulting Ltd.
FVB Energy Inc.
G.D. Jewell Engineering Inc.
G.L. Tiley & Associates Limited
GEI Consultants 
GEMTEC Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd.
Génio experts-conseils inc.
GeoMetrix Group Engineering Ltd.
GeoTerre Limited
GeoWest Engineering Ltd.
GHD Limited
GM BluePlan
Gold Standard Engineering
Golder Associates Ltd.
Gomex Engineering
Goodkey Weedmark & Associates  Limited
Great Northern Engineering Consultants Inc.
Greenview Environmental Management Limited
Ground Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Groupe Carbonic
Groupe Intervia inc.
Groupe-conseil TDA inc.
Guy Architects & Engineers Ltd.
Gygax Engineering Associates Ltd.
Haddad, Morgan and Associates Ltd.
Harbourside Engineering Consultants
Harland Associates 02 Inc.
Harris & Associates Ltd.
HDA Engineering Ltd.
HBGC ingénieurs
HDR Corporation
Hedgehog Technologies
HGC Engineering
HH Angus & Associates Limited Consulting Engineers
Highway Construction Inspection Ontario Inc.
HILCON Limited
Hive Engineering
HoevEng Consulting Ltd. 
Horizon Engineering Inc.
Houde Bergeron Groupe Conseil
Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited (HGC Engineering)
IBI Group
IGF axiom inc.
Induktion Groupe Conseil inc.
Inertia Solutions Inc.
Infrastructel inc.
Integral Group
InterCAD Services Ltd.
Inukshuk Planning & Development Ltd.
ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.
J.E. Anderson & Associates
J.P. Conforzi & Associates Limited
J.D. Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited
J.H. Cohoon Engineering Limited
J.L. Richards & Associates Limited
J.R. Cousin Consultants Ltd.
J.R. Paine & Associates Ltd.
Jablonsky, Ast and Partners
Jade West Engineering Co. Ltd.
JC Kenyon Engineering Inc.
Jensen Hughes Consulting Canada Ltd.
JNE Consulting Ltd.
John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd.
John R. Hamalainen Engineering Ltd.
Johnston-Vermette Groupe Conseil inc.
JOMA Engineering Group Inc.
Joose Environmental Consulting Inc.
Journeaux Assoc. division Lab Journeaux inc.
K. Smart Associates Limited
KBL Environmental
Keller Engineering Associates Inc.
Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.
Kerry T. Howe Engineering Limited
Key West Engineering Ltd.
KGS Group
Kirkland Engineering Ltd.
Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd.
Knight Piesold Ltd.
Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd.
Kontur Geotechnical Consultants Inc.
K-TEK Electro-Services Limited
Landtek Limited
Lassing Dibben Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Layton Consulting Ltd.
Le Groupe Conseil T.T. Katz inc.
Le Groupe Solroc
Le Groupe-Conseil Génipur inc.
LEA Consulting Ltd.
M.H.D Engineering Inc.
M2 Engineering
Magna IV Engineering
Malcolm Pinto Engineering Limited
MAT 4Site Engineers Ltd. (New Dec.)
March Consulting Associates Inc.
McElhanney Ltd. 
McIntosh Lalani Engineering Ltd.
McIntosh Perry
McMillen Jacobs Associates
MCW Consultants Ltd.
MCW Hemisphere Ltd.
Meridian Engineering Inc.
Meritech Engineering
Missinipi Water Solutions Inc.
MLC Associés inc.
MNA Engineering Ltd.
Moffatt & Nichol
Mooney Metaxas Engineering Inc.
Morrison Hershfield Limited
Mott MacDonald
MPA Engineering Ltd.
MPE Engineering Ltd.
MSC Multi-Service Consultants
MTE Consultants Inc.
Mulvey & Banani International Inc.
Nadine International Inc.
Nasiruddin Engineering Limited (NEL)
Neegan Burnside Ltd.
NEES Consulting 
Norda Stelo Inc.
Northern Climate Engineering Ltd.
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.
Nova Consultants Inc.
OGL Engineering
OHE Consultants 
Onsite Engineering Ltd.
P. Machibroda Engineering Ltd.
Parkland Geotechnical Consulting Ltd.
Parsons Inc.
Pasquini & Associates Consulting Ltd.
Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering Ltd.
Patriot Engineering Ltd.
PBX Engineering Ltd.
Pedelta Canada Inc.
Peter Kiewit Sons ULC
Peto MacCallum Ltd.
PINTER & Associates Ltd.
Piotrowski Consultants Ltd.
Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.
Pluritec Ltée
PPA Engineering Technologies Inc.
Primary Engineering and Construction Corporation
Prakash Consulting Ltd.
Pressure Vessel Engineering 
Progressive Engineering & Consulting
Protekna Services Techniques inc.
PWA Engineering (2013) Ltd.
Quasar Consulting Group 
R. E. Poisson Engineering
R. J. McKee Engineering Ltd.
R. V. Anderson Associates Limited
R.A.N.D. Engineering Corporation
R.J. Bartlett Engineering Ltd.
R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited
R.J. England Consulting Ltd.
RA Engineering Inc
RAM Consulting Inc
RD Énergie
Ready Engineering Corporation
Reinders + Rieder Ltd.
REMISZ Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Rempel Engineering & Management Ltd.
Resource Management International Inc.
Riaboy Engineering Ltd.
Ritenburg & Associates Ltd.
RJC Engineers
RKTG Associates Ltd.
Robb Kullman Engineering LLP
Robert G. McEwen & Associates Limited
Robinson Consultants Inc.
Rockford Engineering Works Ltd.
ROI Engineering Inc. - SimuTech Group Canada
Roseke Engineering Ltd.
Roy Campbell Ltd.
Roy Consultants
RSEI Consultants
RTG Systems Inc.
S.P.N. Consultants inc.
Sacré-Davey Experts-Conseils Inc.
SAL Engineering Ltd.
Sameng Inc.
Schaeffer & Associates Ltd.
Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 
SDK et associés inc.
SE Design and Consulting Inc.
Senez Consulting Ltd.
Servant Dunbrack McKenzie & MacDonald Ltd
Shaba Testing Services Ltd.
Sigmund Soudack & Associates Inc.
Sison Blackburn Consulting Inc.
SKC Engineering Ltd.
Skelton, Brumwell & Associates Inc.
Skira & Associates Ltd.
SMA Consulting Ltd.
Smith + Andersen
SMP Engineering
SMS Engineering Ltd.
SNC-Lavalin Inc.
Soft dB - Consultants en acoustique et vibrations
Spriet Associates
SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Stephenson Engineering Ltd.
Stratice Consulting
Stratum Logics Inc.
T. L. Mak Engineering Consultants Ltd.
T2 Utility Engineers Inc.
Tacoma Engineers Inc.
Tatham Engineering Limited
Tecsar Engineering Inc.
Tek Consultants Limited
Terraprobe Inc.
Teshmont Consultants LP
Tetra Tech Canada Inc.
The Greer Galloway Group Inc.
The Mitchell Partnership Inc.
The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd.
The SPG Engineering Group Ltd.
Thornton Tomasetti
Thurber Engineering Ltd.
Tiller Engineering Inc.
Topping Engineering Ltd.
Tower Engineering Group 
Trace Associates Inc.
Triton Engineering Services Limited
TRON Engineering Inc.
Tulloch Engineering
TWD Technologies Limited
Underhill Geomatics Ltd.
Upper Canada Planning & Engineering Ltd.
Urban Systems Ltd.
Valcoustics Canada Ltd.
Villholth Jensen & Associates Ltd.
Walker Projects Inc.
WalterFedy Inc.
WaterMark Consulting Ltd.
Watson Engineering Ltd. 
Wave Engineering Consultants Inc
West Coast Road Testing & Consulting Ltd.
Westmar Advisors Inc.
Williams Engineering Canada Inc.
Wood Canada Limited
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions
XCG Consulting Limited


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