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 February 2017      


Student Outreach Update 


ACEC attends CFES Congress & CEC 2017

CFES Congress 

In January 2017 ACEC sponsored and attended the CFES Congress hosted by Western University in London, ON. The annual Congress, this year titled The Entrepreneurial Engineer, attracts more than 180 student leaders from over 50 different engineering schools. ACEC President and CEO John Gamble delivered two presentations. The first, Changing Profession, Changing Focus, provided insight into how business for engineering firms is changing and how that change is creating new challenges and opportunities. During this session students learned how creativity, entrepreneurship, and strong communication skills are emerging as core competencies that will allow young engineers like themselves to build meaningful careers that impact our social, economic, and environmental quality of life. The second presentation Make a Difference: How and When to Speak Out, focused on government relations and how ACEC advocates on behalf of its member firms. This presentation also gave insight as to how students can go about advocating to their government.

ACEC also exhibited and participated in the career fair portion of the event. The career fair was a bustling opportunity that allowed ACEC to engage with future engineers one-on-one. In addition to promoting consulting engineering as a career of choice ACEC also directed students to it’s Engineering Legacies website, geared towards students seeking information about the consulting engineering profession and career resources.


Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) 

In March 2017 ACEC will also attend CFES’s annual Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) hosted by the University of Calgary. This event will bring together over 150 engineering students to engage in an innovative and creative competition. In addition to exhibiting at the career fair portion of this event, two ACEC delegates will also serve as judges during the Extemporaneous Debate competition.”


ACEC Partnership with CFES 

Annually contributing to and attending these events allows ACEC to raise awareness of what consulting engineers do by showcasing their contributions to society in order to inspire students to enter into the consulting engineering field once they graduate.