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Participate in the Annual Consulting Engineers Compensation Survey  


What Will I Get for Participating?

Last year, Canadian consulting engineering companies increased salaries, on average, by 2%. Compensation decisions are crucial. If you pay below market, you run the risk of losing employees not to mention hampering your efforts to attract employees you want. On the other hand, overpaying is a drain on your company’s finances. Where does your company fit into today’s market realities? Participate in the 19th Annual Consulting Engineers Compensation Survey and find out.

ACEC-Canada has partnered with Western Compensation & Benefits Consultants (“WCBC”) to produce an annual survey of Canadian consulting engineering companies. WCBC’s survey gives consulting engineering firms from across Canada access to information on current salaries, bonuses, group insurance, retirement benefits and compensation best practices. Survey results give employers a picture of current market compensation levels enabling them to make decisions on how much and how to pay their employees.

The survey collects and reports current salaries and bonuses for over 150 positions in the following functional areas:

  • Engineers/Scientists
  • Technicians/Technologists
  • Executives/Senior Management
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Administrative Support

Make the commitment to participate now so when you need to make important compensation decisions, you’ll be ready. Data collection is from May through August. Participants save 50% and members of ACEC-Canada receive an additional 15% discount.

Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to this year’s survey. Register for participation today.