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 March 2017      


ACEC to have input on design standards for federal buildings 


Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is inviting stakeholder feedback on Version 1 of its Technical Reference for Office Building Design. PSPC recognizes that ACEC members that provide consulting and design services on federal government projects are a key audience for this document and their feedback will be very helpful in reviewing the effectiveness of the content and addressing any practical issues. Members interested in reviewing and commenting on this document are invited to contact ACEC at

The document was created to establish baseline design and technical requirements for federal government office buildings in order to achieve a high level of design quality and consistency. As part of the development of this document, many consultations were conducted internally within PSPC and a comprehensive case study was conducted with a multidisciplinary team of A&E consultants and a costing team. When reviewing the document PSPC is looking for specific things such as:

1. Any potential conflicts within the document (i.e. contradictory direction)

2. Any suggestions to improve the clarity of the requirements

3. Whether the document will promote good design

4. User friendliness of the document

Interested ACEC members will be provided with a recent version of this document on which to provide comments. (Note some of the most recent changes have not been translated into French and will appear in English in the French version.) ACEC requests comments from its members by June 9, 2017 so that it may submit consolidated feedback to PSPC by July 1, 2017. PSPC will review all stakeholder comments and amend the document accordingly. These comments will be incorporated in the next version which will be issued April 1, 2018.