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QBS Procurement Issued by federal government RFP marks beginning of QBS pilot by PSPC 


This represents a major step in the federal government efforts to modernize procurement and provide value to taxpayers.

ACEC congratulates Assistant Deputy Minister Arianne Reza and her team at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) for issuing its first RFP using Qualifications-Based Selection for selection of engineering and architecture services as part of its QBS pilot. This represents a major step in the federal government efforts to modernize procurement and provide value to taxpayers. The RFP was issued on July 11, 2018 and can be viewed here.

ACEC applauds PSPC’s leadership for its openness to QBS and its willingness to work with the engineering and architecture sectors. ACEC along with the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC) and other stakeholders have been working with PSPC for many months to familiarize key leaders within the federal government on the many benefits of QBS. As a result, PSPC has launched its pilot of QBS procurement for engineering and architecture services to evaluate its effectiveness in achieving better outcomes, more innovation and life-cycle savings.

PSPC's willingness to pilot QBS and its openness to adopting QBS represent a major breakthrough after years of effort by ACEC and its provincial and territorial Member Organizations across Canada. This was a team effort and ACEC would also like to thank Toon Dreessen of the RAIC/Ontario Association of Architects, Cal Harrison of QBS Canada and Mark Steiner of the American Council of Engineering Companies for their important roles in achieving this important QBS milestone. ACEC also thanks its many members and stakeholders that participated in a very important consultation by PSPC earlier this year. The strong show of support from the industry was critical to the QBS pilot proceeding.

About Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)

In accordance with the InfraGuide best-practices document titled Selecting a Professional Consultant, developed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in 2006, QBS is a competitive process for the procurement of professional consulting services based on professional qualifications. Qualifications are submitted to an owner, who evaluates and selects the best-qualified firm or individual(s) for the proposed design, based on technical qualifications. The selected firm and the owner then jointly refine the final scope of work for the procurement. The consultant’s fee is then negotiated based on the agreed-upon scope of work and the consultant’s submitted rate schedule.