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Interests of the consulting engineering sector remain top-of-mind for ACEC 


Summer is a busy period for the consulting engineering sector and the same holds true for the ACEC team. Although the House of Commons rose in late June, we are ramping up our activities to ensure that the voice of consulting engineers continues to be heard loud and clear on the issues that impact our industry. Here’s what we’ll be doing over the coming weeks!

Showcasing how consulting engineers help make their communities more vibrant

With the MPs back in their ridings for the summer, this is the ideal time to leverage our Bring an MP to Work program. We encourage your firm to consider showcasing a project your team has completed or one that is underway. This program is a fantastic opportunity to raise your firm’s profile while educating our leaders on the important contribution you make to the social, economic and environmental quality of life of your community. Learn more about the program and how to participate here.

Making our views known for Budget 2019

In August, ACEC will make its annual recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance as part of the government’s pre-budget consultations for 2019. Our submission will reiterate the main points we have been advocating on the government’s infrastructure plan:

  1. Expedite the delivery of already-committed infrastructure funds and projects through a re-profiling of the Building Canada Plan
  2. Begin planning and renegotiating the next generation of federal infrastructure investments prior to the expiry of current programs
  3. Invest in infrastructure programs, not just individual projects
  4. Review the cumulative regulatory burden that can significantly delay or increase the costs of projects
  5. Strengthen the economy and trade with a national infrastructure corridor

We hope to have the opportunity to testify before the Budget Committee in early fall to speak directly to our recommendations.

A national corridor – how to strengthen the economy and trade

For over a year, we have promoted the idea of a national corridor as a way to strengthen the economy and trade. ACEC has been encouraging the government to enact many of the recommendations from the 2017 Senate Report National Corridor: Enhancing and facilitating commerce and internal trade, written by the Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce.

In our ongoing efforts to promote the value of the national corridor, we will be meeting with senior bureaucrats working with Ministers who could impact this nation building project. Our strategy is to garner the support of the Ministerial staff to reinforce our efforts on the political front this fall when the House resumes.

Collaborating with our partners on trade and environmental assessment concerns

ACEC continues to collaborate with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce on ensuring the government is aware of the need for Canada to be competitive on the world stage. The Chamber also shares our concern with the uncertainty around Canada’s extensive regulatory burden. To this end, they are considering the creation of a working group to look at the potential consequences of Bill C69, the Impact Assessment Act, which is of concern on this front. ACEC President & CEO John Gamble has put his name forward to be part of this potential working group to represent our industry and its concerns.

Support our advocacy efforts and join us in Ottawa this fall

All of these activities are setting the groundwork for our annual Parliament Hill Day in October. Part of the ACEC national leadership conference program, this annual event is the cornerstone of our advocacy efforts. The activity permits consulting engineers from across Canada to meet with Members of Parliament to educate them on the challenges and opportunities our sector faces. To learn more on how you can join us in Ottawa this fall to help shape policies affecting our sector, visit