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ACEC staff update 

(Jean-Marc Carrière with spouse Sheila Hamilton)

Jean-Marc Carrière, Vice-President of Finance and Administration retires from ACEC.

The team at ACEC is at once delighted and saddened to announce that Mr. Jean-Marc Carrière, Vice-President of Finance and Administration, will be retiring at the end of September. Mr. Carrière’s departure marks the end of era for ACEC as he is the longest serving employee of the organization, with over 21 years of service to the association and the consulting engineering industry. He joined ACEC on March 30, 1998 as Manager, Finance and Administration. His expanded role resulted in a title change to Director in 2005, and eventually the current role as Vice-President in 2011.

Mr. Carrière had the pleasure of working with the ACEC Board of Directors during his tenure, which included a new Chair each year, various Treasurers, and the ACEC staff which included four different Presidents: Tim Page (1998-2001), Claude Paul Boivin (2001-2008), Jeff Morrison (2008-2009), and John Gamble (2009 to current).

Over the years, Mr. Carrière saw an industry evolve through a consolidation process, from over 600 member firms to close to 400 member firms. The industry has seen a steady growth over the period, and is on a good path going forward. The Association’s finances have been stable and the General Reserves are healthy, indicating a commitment from members to continue to invest in the organization, and their confidence in the delivery of the mission and vision established by the Board. Mr. Carrière indicated being proud to have seen a shift in Board direction over the years from a strategic operational role to a more strategic visioning and directional one through the establishment of a strong Governance model. “I have come to recognize and appreciate the level of commitment and dedication that consulting engineers demonstrate in their everyday activities, the complexity of the work performed and amazing projects accomplished, with an overall objective of improving the quality of life of all Canadians” commented Mr. Carrière. “I am also astonished at the amount of volunteer time these individuals contribute on Boards and Committees related to their industry”.

Mr. Carrière also contributed to the establishment of RedR Canada which existed from 2002 to its eventual dissolution in 2015. RedR Canada provided a list of engineers and other competent personnel to non-government organizations working on the front lines of disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

Since its creation in 2009, Mr. Carrière has also held the position of Director and Treasurer for the Allen D. Williams Scholarship Foundation. He witnessed the initial fundraising process that Leon Botham, ACEC Past Chair, conducted at ACEC conferences, which raised close to $100K in donations, eventually making the foundation self- sustaining. The Allen D. Williams Foundation presents a scholarship award each year to a young professional from an ACEC member firm who has demonstrated involvement with, or contribution to, priorities identified by an ACEC Member Organization or ACEC itself.

“I am very proud to have worked with all the personnel at ACEC during my employment, and appreciate the level of commitment and team spirit required to keep this organization functioning efficiently and effectively” Mr. Carrière noted. “I am also very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with all the Provincial/Territorial Executive Directors. I will surely miss the interactions with the ACEC Board of Directors and ACEC staff, and the camaraderie felt daily, as well as during the travels to the different parts of the country.”

ACEC is indebted to Mr. Carrière for his vision and commitment to the association and the consulting engineering industry. “Jean-Marc has not only provided a solid foundation of institutional memory, but has also played a direct role in ACEC’s evolution over two decades” John Gamble, ACEC President & CEO, stated. “ACEC continues at the forefront of best practices, relevance and influence among national associations. Jean-Marc has played an important role in where we are today and where we are heading in the future.”

On behalf of the member firms, the ACEC Board of Directors, and the ACEC staff, we wish to extend our best wish to Mr. Carrière as he starts this new chapter in his life and wish him a happy retirement. FORE!