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ACEC Directory Update

A good early response means that we are on track to deliver the ACEC Directory by early May. If you haven't already done so, please update your firm's corporate data and company profile and return it to us as soon as possible so we can meet our target delivery date. If anything about the Corporate Data is unclear, please call us -- we'll gladly assist you in any way necessary.

Annual Convention in Whitehorse

Program and registration information is already in your possession. There are very attractive early bird specials: $395 for delegates and $275 for companions until March 31st! Register now and make your travel plans to include your family for a once in a lifetime experience. If you don't have a registration kit, contact Clara Higgerty at ACEC.

Take advantage of the deals and book early, because the Klondike Gold Rush Centennial celebrations will be attracting large crowds, and accommodations will be a challenge to secure!

1998 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards

This year's presentation is special: as part of FIDIC '98, the Awards will be given at a unique event in the new Winspear Centre in Edmonton, with entertainment provided by none other than Canada's own André-Phillippe Gagnon, the "Man of a Thousand Voices"!

Plan to enter a project! You might see yourself on stage before your peers from Canada and around the world, not to mention the design community through the media coverage surrounding the event! Download a notice of intention from the ACEC site at or contact the Editor of CCE magazine at 416/442-2266. Deadline for the notice is May 15th.


Edmonton is hosting the 1998 FIDIC International Conference and Exposition. Programme and registration information should be in the mail to all ACEC member head offices this coming week. The FIDIC and local organizing committees have done a superb job of assembling relevant and informative business sessions, while rolling out the red carpet for our peers from around the world. Contact ACEC at 1-800-565-0569 for more information.


ACEC is continuing to work on a Design/Builder-Consultant Agreement with the RAIC, CCA and CSC. As well ACEC is developing an Owner - Owner's Representative Design/Build Document. On a related front, at a recent ENCON "Loss Control Seminar", sample clauses for engineers doing Design/Build work were circulated. Interested parties can contact Ms. Schneider at ACEC for a copy.

CCA Document 14: Design/Build Contract is available for sale from ACEC. As noted in a previous Communiqué, ACEC does not endorse this document but recognizes that it is in circulation. Cost for members is $9.95 and $12.95 for non-members.

Career Services at ACEC

ACEC is considering a partnership with an Internet-based employment service as an additional service to Members (see mini survey below).

ACEC would offer subscriptions to an employee database composed of design and technology professionals, among others, accessible through the ACEC web site. This would be an option to traditional (and sometimes costly) personnel advertising.

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