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Awards Program Update

Deadlines for the 2-page statement and the descriptive binder (incl. your $200 entry fee) are May 15 and June 1 respectively. So far, 40 firms are competing.

Also, to clarify a point on the Notice of Intention: in response to members' concerns before the 1997 Awards Gala, poster boards are no longer required as part of the actual submission, but if your firm is among the winners, you will need to produce one for the Awards Dinner. Keep in mind that the poster is the showpiece of your winning entry at the Gala, so production values are key. Throw your hat in the ring! Contact Bronwen Ledger, CCE Magazine Editor at 416/442-2266 or email:

Whitehorse in the Summer!

There is still room for you and your family and/or colleagues in Whitehorse this coming June 17-20, although accommodations are going fast. Amidst all other activities already promoted in previous ACEC news items, we are also targeting the signing of a revised MOU with PWGSC during the National Convention. Register today! Call 1-800-565-0569 or email: for a free brochure.


The 1998 FIDIC International Conference promises to deliver informative business sessions and rare international networking opportunities, while rolling out the red carpet for our peers from around the world. Among the many events planned for the occasion will be featured the 1998 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards. Contact ACEC at 1-800-565-0569 for more information or visit the ACEC web site at for a link to the FIDIC'98 web page.

Design / Build, continued.

The Design/Builder Consultant Contract being developed by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) and ACEC should be presented to all ACEC member organizations for endorsement in June.

ACEC remains opposed to the efforts of CCA, in particular, to require certification services of a consultant to a Design/Build team. The ACEC Board will not endorse Doc. 14 (Owner - Design/Builder Contract) and its Guide unless it is made clear that only a knowledgeable owner or its representative can play the role of "certifier" to avoid conflicts of interest and liability. Anyone with an opinion on the matter is invited to pass it along to ACEC at 1-800-565-0569 or email:

Concerns over proposed accreditation

The Canadian Council of Human Resources Environmental Industry (CCHREI) is attempting to create a new professional designation (i.e. environmental practitioner). There is much opposition to this from professional organizations in Canada. At a recent CCPE meeting, it was suggested that, while CCPE will aggressively pursue the certification issue, specifically, the apparent overlap of skill sets as described by CCHREI and the reserved activities of professional engineers, ACEC should address the business issues with respect to the cost implications and competition. Contact Anne-Marie Schneider, Eng. at ACEC for more details or to voice your comments.

Latin American Business

ACEC's representative to the Pan American Federation of Consulting Engineers (FEPAC), Chair-elect Bob Lorimer, attended the FEPAC Annual meeting in Caracas, Venezuela. While there, he was elected to the FEPAC Executive Committee, and Out-going Chair Philippe Lefebvre was named as alternate. As Bob reported, there was a positive atmosphere at the meeting, conducive to business development, yet very few Canadians attended.

QBS remains a contentious issue; the Inter-American Development Bank is reviewing its procurement procedures and the two North American organizations (ACEC and ACEC/US) are pressing for QBS. Other FEPAC members are willing to accept the inclusion of fees in the proposal evaluation. The next meeting will take place in Edmonton in conjunction with the FIDIC Conference and the QBS issue will be discussed further.

Mini Survey Results

Recent ACEC Communiqués put two questions to members on potential ACEC services: an on-line employment service and a MERX (ex-OBS) search service. Although only 13 responses were received, here are the results:

1- Employment Service

  • yes-7, no-6; for the second part of the question, i.e. if yes, how would it be used - annually-2, monthly-0, per use-5
    2- MERX Search Service

  • yes-5, no-8

    Despite the quality of the results, the low response rate alone is indication enough to preclude any further examination of these potential member services in the immediate future.

    Welcome New Members!

    ACEC, CEA and CEBC are happy to welcome Infrastructure Systems Ltd. of BC and Techna-West Engineering Ltd. of Alberta as new members of the Association.

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