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In Memoriam


1926 - 1998

ACEC regrets to announce the passing, in his 72nd year, of Mr. Roger Pinault, P.Eng. on August 5, 1998, after several months of battle with kidney and brain cancer.

Roger served with distinction and grace as ACEC's Executive Director from 1971 to 1988, and was known to many in Ottawa and across the country as a man of strong character with an undeniable devotion to consulting engineering. He was instrumental in relocating ACEC's National Office to Ottawa in 1980, so that consulting engineering industry leaders could be closer to federal policy makers and government decision makers. Mr. Pinault was ACEC's only Honourary Life member.

Those who wish to pay their respects to the Pinault family can make a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Kidney Foundation. Condolences can also be sent to the following address: Pinault Family, 1996 Garfield Avenue, Nepean, Ontario K2C 0W8


THE international event for consulting engineering is coming soon! Contact ACEC for registration kit order forms, or visit the FIDIC '98 web site at to download the appropriate files. Remember that your international peers will be there - with business opportunities galore!

Evening of Canadian Excellence

September 8 is the day Canadian excellence in engineering will be recognized at the new Winspear Theatre in Edmonton. This is a prime opportunity for visibility, and to showcase ourselves to our international colleagues. Tickets are still available by contacting ACEC to place order or by downloading the order for from the ACEC web site at

Don't forget that Dave Broadfoot is headlining the event, so be sure to reserve your seats as soon as you can!

Y2K on the Road!

The Y2K session at the ACEC National Convention last June in Whitehorse proved very successful in raising awareness of the issues surrounding the "Millennium Bug", judging by the audience comments received after the event. More to the point, it raised hereto-unknown problems about which many participants expressed surprise.

Therefore, to assist members in tackling the Year 2000 problem, ACEC is offering a Y2K Roadshow to be held in conjunction with ENCON's Loss Control Seminars starting this Fall. The travelling sessions will offer actual tools to help address the problems. Presenters include Carolyn Swadron, CIBC Y2K Consultant (and ACEC convention session leader), and Derek Holloway, VP Construction Services Section at ENCON.

Email your interest below!

New Chief at CEBC

Consulting Engineers of BC have announced the appointment of Kate Cockerill to the position of Executive Director, replacing John Wilkins, who will continue with CEBC on an ad hoc basis during the transition. Ms. Cockerill is the former Executive Director of the International Institute of Communications in London, UK, where she was on secondment from the Department of Communications in Ottawa. Welcome aboard, Kate!

Business Survey a Go!

ACEC's Business Survey is going ahead. The consultant has been hired, and plans are under way to implement the survey early this Fall, with publication of results in early December. More information on procedure and timing will follow. The importance of ACEC members' responses is critical: we need your input to draw the most accurate economic picture possible of our industry, as well as its contributions to the economy and our importance as an economic engine. This information is vital in our dealings with national and international clients and partners.

ACEC Publications

The Engineering Services Management Manual, produced by ACEQ in collaboration with ACEC, is due for distribution in early September. Pending successful translation and publication before the end of August, copies of the manual may be available at FIDIC 98 in Edmonton at a special show price. Meanwhile, interested members can get on an advance distribution list by returning the "FAX BACK" below.

Also, the ACEC Directory is in circulation in both CD-ROM and hard copy formats - contact ACEC for additional copies (member prices: $49.95 for the CD-ROM and $89.95 for the book), or visit the ACEC web site to download the order form.

Design / Build

There are still issues that prevent ACEC from fully endorsing the document, since consultants' interests, in the opinion of the ACEC Board, are still not protected. These issues center on the conflict of interest posed by the current wording of the document.

Recently, a letter was sent to the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) stating ACEC's concerns that the contract continues to require the Design/Builder's Consultant to issue certificates for payment and determine the date of substantial performance of the work. At press time, we were still waiting to hear from CCA regarding our concerns. Anyone requiring details on the letter and the issue of Design/Build should contact Anne-Marie Schneider at the numbers above or email

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