ACEC Communiqué -- January - February 1999

In this issue:

  1. Federal Budget '99 -- Highlights of Interest to ACEC Members
  2. ACEC Celebrates 75 years in business at National Convention
  3. New eligibility criteria for 1999 Consulting Engineering Awards
  4. Regional Roundup -- Provincial Association News
  5. Searching for a Canadian Construction Document Committee Volunteer
  6. New @
  7. Hurricane Mitch -- Opportunities for ACEC Members

No Funds for Bricks or Mortar in '99 Federal Budget

Info-structure commitments were as close as consulting engineers got to infrastructure spending in this week's federal budget.

The best of the budget announcements that could help some ACEC members include:

At first blush, that's it folks. Full details on the federal budget can be obtained by accessing If there is a particular issue that you would like us to investigate further, please let us know by return fax or e-mail.

ACEC celebrates its 75th by the seaside!

The 1999 ACEC National Convention will be held June 9 to 12 in St. Andrews-By-The-Sea, New Brunswick, so mark your calendars now! The event also highlights ACEC's 75th anniversary, with many business and social activities planned to commemorate this momentous occasion.

A strong technical and business program will be the main focus of the Convention, providing valuable insights into key areas such as risk management, public/private partnerships, infrastructure, etc.

The Consulting Engineers of New Brunswick are holding their Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the ACEC event, and will add their unique hosting talents to the mix of local flavour entertainment and business development sessions.

ACEC members, their clients and partners can sign up for registration kits in advance by visiting the "Events" page on the ACEC web site at . Just fill in the online form and submit it directly to ACEC. For more information, contact Clara Higgerty at 1-800-565-0569, ext. 207 or email

New eligibility criteria for the 1999 Consulting Engineering Awards

To improve participation in our National Awards program, ACEC and CCE Magazine have modified the eligibility criteria to accept projects completed between January 1st 1996 and December 31st 1998, adding one full year to the eligibility period. As well, eligibility is now limited to ACEC members companies ONLY.

Members must submit their «Notices of Intention» right away. Copies of the form are available in the Jan/Feb issue of Canadian Consulting Engineer. Alternately, the form is available by visiting the ACEC web site at and downloading the Adobe Acrobat file, which can then be printed, filled in and sent by fax for processing. The form provides essential details on project categories, final deadlines and submission formats, in addition to contact and delivery information.

As part of ACEC's 75th Anniversary celebrations, the 1999 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards will be held in Toronto this coming October. Last year's event drew students, clients, politicians and members alike, in a light-hearted yet dignified celebration of Canadian engineering excellence.

Get on the advance ticket list from the "Events" page of ACEC's web site. Just fill in the online form, hit the "Submit" button and you're in the queue! Details on seat prices will be announced soon, along with the exact date and venue.

Regional Round-up

In search of a volunteer for CCDC.

Chris Dunham, Project Manager at Dillon Consulting, has served on the Canadian Contract Documents Committee (CCDC) for the last 12 years and was appointed Chair in 1994. During that time, the CCDC developed contracts and guides such as CCDC 2 (Stipulated Price Contract), CCDC 3 (Cost Plus Contract), CCDC 4 (Unit Price Contract) and CCDC 24 (A Guide to Model Forms and Support Documents).

Chris, one of the two ACEC representatives on the CCDC, is moving on to other business activities. ACEC is now looking for an industry representative to step in as a member of the CCDC. In the short term, CCDC is planning to work on the following documents:

The committee usually meets 2 days every 2 months (12 working days a year) and have electronic conferences to deal with issues between meetings. If you or someone from your firm is interested, please contact Anne-Marie Schneider at 1-800-565-0569 ext 208 or email

Thank you Chris for your hard work!

New @

ACEC on site of Hurricane Mitch devastation

Along with several ACEC members, International Programs manager Hélène Schneider represented the Canadian consulting engineering industry in Central America during the last week of January. The partnering mission, initiated by the Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica and organized with the cooperation of CIDA, visited San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa in Honduras as well as Managua, Nicaragua.

A total of 3 days of meetings between Canadian and local potential partners had been arranged with the help of local organisations FIDE (Honduran Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports) and CEI (Centro de Exportaciones e Inversiones Nicaragua). Morning conferences in each of the cities allowed the participants to hear from the local government and business community as well as from our Ambassador to the region and the Inter-American Development Bank.

The overall objective of the mission was to facilitate the creation of partnerships between Canadian and local firms at an opportune time, and to determine the specifics of the assistance required to rebuild those areas most affected by the storm. For more information, please contact Hélène at 1-800-565-0569 ext 210 or email at