ACEC Communiqué -- May 1999

In this issue:

  1. Important Notice to all ACEC CD-ROM users!

  2. The Year in Review

  3. Infrastructure Update

  4. Y2K Update

Important Notice to all ACEC CD-ROM users!

A minor bug in the search function was uncovered by an astute member. A patch correcting the problem is available from the ACEC web site. Go to, follow the home page link of your choice and click on the "Recent updates" link - there you will find a link to a ZIP file containing the patch and instructions, which you should save to disk.

The correction not only reveals all offices including branches on a province or city search, it also shows -- on ALL searches -- the city in which each office is located (an added feature!).

The Year in Review

Dear ACEC Members:

ACEC has embarked on a new fiscal exercise, with new and continuing challenges to address. In this first issue of Communiqué for 1999-2000, we offer a synopsis of the issues on our plate and some of the activities we undertook on your behalf. You can read about these and more in the 1999-2000 ACEC Annual Report, which will be mailed to all member firm offices following the 1999 National Convention being held later this week in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

Best wishes,

Timothy I. Page, President


Association Services

Business Practices:

International Business Development:

Industry Promotion and Communications:

Infrastructure Update

Recent public statements in favour of a new national infrastructure program by Finance Minister Paul Martin and Treasury Board President Marcel Massé suggest that industry efforts have gained the attention of key players in Ottawa. These efforts need to be strengthened through representations by member firms to politicians at all government levels. ACEC will provide a draft letter and speaking notes to members for use in a grassroots summertime campaign to raise the awareness of all public officials to the need for infrastructure development and renewal in Canada. This also coincides with the timing of departmental preparations for pre-budget deliberations expected this Fall.

Y2K Update

In the previous issue of Communiqué, ACEC informed you that small- and medium-sized firms could benefit from a federal tax credit when purchasing computer hardware and software in order to be Y2K compliant. Please be advised that the program - due to expire at the end of June - has been extended by the federal government to the end of October.