October 1999


National Business Survey

Some 226 member firms have participated in the National Business Survey so far. November 12 is the final cut-off date at which ACEC and Compas hope to have achieved the 356 mark, last year s number. In fairness to those who have already responded and to allow the publication of provincial/territorial reports, if you have not already done so, please respond to the survey by fax by November 12.

Virus Alert ACEC Directory CD-ROM

ACEC has received three alerts from users that certain anti-virus scans reveal the possible presence of the "BackDoor" virus in the setup file of the 1999-2000 ACEC CD-ROM Directory. With the full collaboration of the CD-ROM s designers, ACEC has been able to determine that the setup file is NOT infected with any virus.
It would appear that recent virus data files used by McAfee ViruScan 4.x, InoculateIT and Trend-Micro OfficeScan (any edition) cause their scans to report a "false positive" result for the "BackDoor" virus when installing the ACEC CD-ROM Directory, when in fact the file is clean.

2000-2001 Directory update process in the pipeline

ACEC Members should keep an eye out for the Corporate Data Sheets, slated to reach Voting Principals offices in December. The process will be simplified thanks to development work done on the ACEC Membership Database aimed at streamlining marketing information for media such as the CD-ROM and the Internet, among others.

Government Relations

ACEC before Standing Committee on Finance

On November 4, ACEC appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance to keep up the fight for investment in Canada s physical infrastructures starting with the 2000 federal budget. ACEC is not only concerned that, without immediate intervention, the deficit will grow over the next year, but that actual infrastructure investment in 2000 will decrease as a result of provinces and municipalities holding off spending until the program is in effect.
Jim Miller, Director of Engineering for the Region of Ottawa-Carleton, supported ACEC s recommendations to the Committee and added from the manager/user perspective that the management, maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure assets are difficult when funding is irregular and unpredictable. He also stated that, last year, the Region of Ottawa-Carleton lost the opportunity to welcome several high tech firms to the area because funding to develop and provide basic infrastructure services for the location was non-existent.

1999 Government Relations Days

The 1999 Government Relations Days, to be held December 2 and 3 in Ottawa, are the next step in the ACEC infrastructure lobby efforts. Sessions, speakers and panelists have been carefully chosen to help the industry identify priorities for infrastructure spending in 2000 and to plan for the transportation infrastructure needs of Canada to 2020.
A programme and registration form were distributed late last week to all members, outlining the main topics of discussion and objectives of the sessions. Book early, as rooms are being taken quickly. Anyone who has not received the form is asked to contact Clara Higgerty at the National Office at 800-565-0569 or events@acec.ca

Business Practices


ACEC will be meeting with the three other CCDC constituent member organizations on November 19 to review the proposed changes to the CCA/RAIC/CSC Doc. 14 1997 (Owner Design/Builder Contract), the draft Doc. 15 (Design/Builder Consultant Contract) and draft Teaming Agreement between Design/Builder and Consultant.

As you may remember, in June of this year, the ACEC Board accepted the proposed solution to the certification issue, whereby the Consultant would certify to the Design/Builder only and, the Owner would have the choice between accepting the D/B s application for payment supported by the Consultant s certificate OR having the Owner s own representative or independent consultant review the D/B s application.

Over the summer, a Task Force of ACEC, RAIC and CCA representatives met to incorporate changes to reflect this consensus into Doc. 14 and 15. The November 19 meeting will allow a complete review of the documents by the larger committee as well as initiate discussion on the proposed Teaming Agreement, which was developed by ACEC as a front end document to Doc. 15. The Teaming Agreement, although in draft form, addresses the role and responsibilities of the Design/Builder and Consultant during the proposal preparation period including detail of design, remuneration, copyright and continued partnership provided the proposal is successful.


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Congratulations 1999 Awards Participants! 

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Doc. 32 "Pay when paid clause"

In its review of Doc. 32 - Agreement between Engineer and Sub-Consultant (1981), the ACEC Contracts Committee is considering the introduction of a "pay when paid clause" i.e. payment of the Sub occurring 10 days after the Prime receives payment for the Owner. Concerned about fairness but also conscious of common industry practice, the Committee asked for guidance from the ACEC Board and professional associations on this important issue.

The Board believed that a "pay when paid" clause would allow the Prime to be clear and up-front about payment of fees to the Sub. It supported the Committee s recommendation to include in the Agreement an option for payment after 30 days of submitting an invoice, or for payment after receipt of payment by the Prime. Selecting the appropriate clause would then become part of the negotiations and would make the payment provisions and expectations very clear between the parties.

Over the next few weeks, the Committee, with the help of ENCON Insurance Managers, will be looking at also introducing protective measures for the Sub-Consultant e.g. not making the Sub-Consultant responsible for the Prime s performance.

ACEC and CCE Magazine extend their warmest congratulations to all ACEC member firms that submitted a total of 40 projects to the 1999 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards, in particular those who took the honours at this year's event on October 20th in Toronto:

Schreyer Award

  • Dupras Ledoux Ing‚nieurs (Montreal)

Awards of Excellence

  • Yolles Partnership (Toronto)
  • N.D. Lea Consultants Ltd. (Vancouver)
  • ABR Consultants (Burnaby)
  • Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (Waterloo)
  • Klohn-Crippen Consultants Ltd. (Vancouver)

Awards of Merit

  • Glotman-Simpson Consulting Engineers (Vancouver)
  • UMA Engineering Ltd. (Calgary)
  • Mitchell & Associates Consulting Engineering Ltd. (Burlington)
  • Stantec Consulting Ltd. (Mississauga)

Honourable Mention

  • Delcan Corporation (Toronto)

The following firms, in no particular order, also participated, sometimes with more than one project:

  • A.D. Williams Engineering Inc.
  • Westmar Consultants Inc.
  • Totten Sims Hubicki Associates
  • Sandwell Engineering Inc.
  • J.R. Spronken & Associates Ltd.
  • Marshall Macklin Monaghan
  • DS-Lea Associates Ltd.
  • Buckland & Taylor Ltd.
  • Acres International Ltd.
  • John Swallow Associates Ltd.
  • Keen Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • Delcan International Corporation
  • Les Consultants LBCD inc.
  • EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.
  • Ainley & Associates Ltd.
  • John Motherwell & Associates
  • Golder Associates Ltd.
  • H.A. Simons Ltd.
  • Tecsult Inc.
  • NAPA Airport Development Consultants
  • Halsall Associates Limited
  • Le Groupe Teknika

ACEC also thanks its very generous sponsors, ENCON Insurance Managers Inc. and Industry Canada, whose contributions helped make the 1999 Awards a memorable and well-attended event.

1999 Loss Control Seminars

Starting on November 16th, ENCON Insurance Managers Inc. will be holding the 30th Annual Loss Control Seminar under the Canadian Architects Engineers Professional Liability Insurance Program.

On the agenda:

  • Association Representation
  • Liability Issues — A Thirty-Year Perspective
  • Personal Liability — Can Employees be Sued?
  • Claims Update
  • Legal Perspective


This free seminar is aimed at all members of engineering and architectural firms from partners to designers and field staff involved in the provision of professional services. All sessions will be held from 9:00 am to noon except in Halifax, where the session will be held from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.

The schedule is as follows:

  • November 16, Calgary, The Metropolitan Centre
  • November 17, Edmonton, The Westin
  • November 25, Halifax, The Sheraton Halifax
  • December 1 and 2, Vancouver, Hotel Vancouver
Upcoming seminars in 2000 will be held in Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Victoria, Kelowna and Montreal. For more information, contact Grace Cossette at 613-786-2216 or cossetg@encon.ca

Participation means Promotion

As a result of the presentation of all projects submitted at the 1999 Awards Gala, ACEC is now in production of an industry promotion tool on CD-ROM that will feature each of the 40 projects in a navigable electronic application complete with contact information.

The projects will be cast as examples of the quality and scope of Canadian consulting engineering abilities, and the disk will be distributed to outlets such as Canadian embassies, universities, industry associations, client groups and government officials, among others.

ACEC Members should start planning now for the 2000 Awards and watch the ACEC web site for criteria and submission details.