August 2000


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ACEC does not endorse CCA Design-Build Standard Agreements

After careful consideration, the ACEC Board of Directors has decided that it cannot endorse standard Design-Build agreements 14 and 15. The Board reached this conclusion based on its concern relative to the duty of care of the consultant and to his conflict of interest exposure emanating from the wording in a number of specific clauses in the two documents. The legal review commissioned by the Board also found that our exposure as an industry is increased when, as is the case in Documents 14 and 15, the Owner is not represented by its own advisors who are experienced and as knowledgeable as the Design-builder's consultant.

ACEC will now turn its attention to developing guidelines to members on how to work with Documents 14 and 15 if presented with them by contractors or owners. In helping to develop these guidelines, ACEC will be cognizant of the role it can play to strengthen the design-build process, the quality of projects delivered through design-build and to reduce the incidence of disputes and claims between the parties.

ACEC will continue to work with RAIC and CCA in the elaboration of standard design-build agreements covering the pre-bid stage as well as language to include in a general Guide for the use of Documents 14 and 15.

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  • "The Next Steps...: The Energy Ontario Conference Series". Presented by ONGA, September 12-14, 2000. Niagara Falls, ON
  • Ministry of Labour Breakfast. Presented by CEO, September 18, 2000. Toronto, ON
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  • "Transportation, Trade, Tourism and Technology". Presented by the Transportation Association of Canada, October 1-4, 2000. Edmonton, AB
  • Canada's Energy Efficiency Conference 2000. Presented by Natural Resources Canada, October 10-12, 2000. Ottawa, ON
  • "Imagine...2000 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards". Presented by ACEC, October 20, 2000. Montreal, QC
  • INFRA 2000 "Sound Infrastructure Management; A Shared Responsibility". Presented by CERIU, November 13-15, 2000. Laval, QC
  • "Preparing for the Future". Presented by the Real Property Institute of Canada, November 22-23, 2000. Hull, QC
  • CEA 2001 Showcase Awards. Presented by CEA, January 27, 2001. Calgary, AB
  • Government Relations Day. Presented by ACEC, February 2, 2001. Ottawa, ON
  • 2001 ACEC National Convention. Presented by ACEC, June 16-19, 2001. Kelowna, BC
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