October 2000



The Election Challenge

In a letter directed to the leaders of Canada's national political parties seeking election to the House of Commons, the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada has asked a number of questions that should help our members make informed decisions about which political party is best able to represent the industries priorities. We believe that the issues addressed are important to the business interests of our members and the public's health and safety, which as professional engineers we are duty bound to protect. It is ACEC's desire to publish the answers provided to our members so that you may contribute to the public debates during the course of the campaign, and make informed decisions in the voting booth on Election Day. We also encourage you to ask the same questions of the candidates in your riding.



Canada's infrastructure is antiquated and is jeopardizing our competitiveness, our standard of living and our quality of life. What will your Party do to fix this dangerous trend?


Canada's transportation and municipal infrastructure is a key determinant of Canadians quality of life and standard of living. The National Transportation Council and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities estimate that Canada needs to invest $17 billion to rehabilitate our National Highway system and $44 billion to rehabilitate our municipal water/sewer systems to present day standards. The February 2000 federal Budget announced a commitment of $3.65 billion of new federal funding over the next 6 years to address Canada's municipal and highway infrastructure needs. On a per capita basis, the new National

Infrastructure program will invest $5 per year in our national highway system compared to $130 per capita per year being invested in the U.S. under their $218 USD highway/urban corridor renewal program.


  • Is $3.65 billion over 6 years enough to eliminate the current $60 billion infrastructure deficit in your Party's view? If not, how much additional federal funding would your Party commit immediately to improve the safety of our highways and the quality of our drinking water?
  • Recognizing that the long-term demands for investment in infrastructure development and maintenance greatly exceeds the capacity of the public sector's financial resources, what is your Party's position vis a vis a direct role for the private sector in ownership, development, financing and management of Canadian infrastructure including its highways and water systems?
  • Will your Party commit to a 10-year National Infrastructure program with a federal commitment to invest a minimum of $3 billion per year to rehabilitate and redevelop Canada's aging transportation and municipal infrastructure?

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2000 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards

A gala evening featuring the Cirque Fantastic Concept was the backdrop for the presentation of the 2000 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards held in Montreal, Quebec, hosted by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada in collaboration with the Association of Consulting Engineers of Quebec and the Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine.

"The 43 submissions to this year's Award program help to illustrate the breadth of Canadian engineering that contributes to our quality of life and standard of living in all regions of Canada", said Tim Page, President of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada. He added, "the projects demonstrate the innovative and value added role played by consulting engineers in responding to modern business and technical challenges while, at the same time, also contributing to Canada's social and environmental objectives."

Congratulations to all of those who submitted this year. These awards are a great way to promote our industry and your past year's successes. You never now when a project will surpass your expectations, so remember to take good pictures.

Honorable Mention

 (1) Anspayaxw School
Fast + Epp

Awards of Merit


Watershed Ecological Inventory and Modeling Project
Acres International Limited

 (2) Arsenic Removal From Hospital Drinking Water, Rose Hill Center
ADI Ltd.
 (3) Gloucester Street Feedermain Slip Lining
[Robinson Consultants Inc.]
 (4) Pacific Canada Addition Roof Structure, Vancouver Aquarium and Marine Science Centre
Fast + Epp
 (5)  Parking Facility, Sheppard Subway
[Earth Tech Canada]

Awards of Excellence

 (1) Optimization of Groundwater Resources Using RADARSAT1
Tecsult International
 (2) Computerized Assessment of Traffic Congestion
Groupe-conseil Génivar inc.
 (3) Odour Control Cover System
ADI Ltd.
 (4) Millstone Sanitary Sewer Pipe Bursting
Dayton And Knight
 (5) Halls Harbour Breakwater Wharf
Vaughan Engineering Associates Limited

Schreyer Award

 Semi Submersible Transhipper
Seabulk Systems Inc.

Beaubien Award

 Mr. Bernard Lamarre, ing.

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