Nov/Dec 2000




ACEC Client Survey - a First Step to Raising Industry Image

Over 250 clients have responded to date to ACEC's Client survey. It is not too late to forward additional names of industry clients to As part of ACEC's image raising campaign, we are currently conducting a client survey to canvass the perceptions of the industry's client community to help in establishing a baseline at which the campaign can begin and against which we can measure progress.

The more client names provided to COMPAS Inc., the public opinion firm we have hired to conduct the survey, the greater the potential number of responses. The greater the responses the more reliable the data and the better able we will be to provide provincial summary reports. The lists are kept strictly confidential by COMPAS.

The client does not receive a copy of the final report. The client need not know that you have supplied its name. If you are willing to help us out in this initiative, please forward the names of at least 20 of your clients to the e-mail address noted above. COMPAS needs the name of the client, the principal contact of that client with which you do business and his/her e-mail address. The survey is being conducted electronically to save time and costs.

For more information on this initiative you should go to on the ACEC web-site.

Taxation and the Canadian Engineering Industry

With the federal Liberal government now returned to office, ACEC will be working to ensure that its pre-election promise of reducing corporate tax rates to 21% is enacted as soon as the House of Commons resumes early next year. To increase the benefit of this federal commitment, it will also be necessary to put similar pressure on provincial governments across the country to lower their tax rates this upcoming fiscal year.

ACEC Interested in Establishing a RedR Canada

ACEC is hoping to found a RedR organisation in Canada by early May 2001. RedR, which stands for Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief, trains and provides competent and effective personnel to front-line humanitarian agencies in emergency situations. This initiative forms part of ACEC's latest efforts in the area of disaster relief. To date, RedR organisations have been founded in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

ACEC recommends change to CIDA's Canadian ownership policy

ACEC has sent a letter to Maria Minna, Minister for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), proposing a broadening of the eligibility criteria imposed on firms wishing to do business with the Agency's bilateral branches. The proposed criteria aims at including corporations based in Canada that have lost their 51% Canadian owned status but who continue to operate in the country. The current policy on use of Canadian labour and materials would continue to be applied. For more information, contact Hélène Schneider, Manager of the International Programs at

Public consultation on the Objectives of the National Model Codes

Public consultation have begun on the objectives, structure and cycle of the National Building Code, National Fire Code and National Plumbing Code. They will run until the 15th of January 2001. To take part in this consultation, direct your Web browser to the following site at or contact Mr. John W. Archer, CCBFC Secretary at (613) 993-5569 by phone or at by email.

ACEC Position on CCA/RAIC/CSC Design-Build Documents 14 and 15

As you may know ACEC has not endorsed CCA/RAIC/CSC Documents 14 and 15. A letter to that effect has been mailed to all ACEC members with an explanation as to our reasoning. If you would like to refer to it right away, please consult in the "New" section.

ACEC's decision not to endorse was predicated on the belief that the documents, as drafted and the relationships of the parties as defined in the documents, place the consulting engineer when working as the design-builder's consultant in an untenable position, increase the likelihood of disputes and claims between the parties and may deliver a lower quality end product.

We have suggested a number of questions, in the body of our letter, which member firms might ask of themselves before agreeing to the terms of Documents 14 and 15 as they are currently drafted.

ACEC will continue to defend the interests of our members and of our industry by advocating a design-build process that provides a balanced role for the owner, contractor and engineer with appropriate responsibilities and associated risks and opportunities for the design consultant.

Doing Business with Public Works and Government Services Canada?

In order to assist Project Managers in the resolution of claims and disputes, PWGSC recently created a Claims Prevention and Management Unit. The Unit has the mandate to :

  • Provide advisory and leadership services to RPS staff on dispute resolution issues;
  • Implement preventive measures to minimize present and future disputes;
  • Develop and maintain a national claims database;
  • Develop and issue Lessons Learned and Best Practices Bulletins; and
  • Contribute to the evolution of Requests for Proposal, Construction and Consultant contracts.

If you would like to receive a copy of their corporate presentation, contact Richard Roulx at (613) 236-0569 or at

New National Membership Kit

A new ACEC membership kit is being developed in collaboration with the provincial organizations and should be available by early January 2001.

Mark these on your calendar...

  • CEA 2001 Showcase Awards. Presented by CEA, January 27, 2001. Calgary, AB
  • EXFOR 2001. Presented by The Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada, January 29 to February 2, 2001. Montréal, PQ
  • Government Relations Day. Presented by ACEC, February 22nd and 23rd, 2001. Ottawa,ON
  • 2001 ACEC National Convention. Presented by ACEC, June 16-19, 2001. Kelowna, BC

Cross Canada Tour Underway to Confirm Industry Strategic Plan

ACEC Chairman Dave Chalcroft, P.Eng. and President Tim Page have been hitting the road since November 27th on a cross-Canada tour of member organizations and member firms. The purpose is to seek consensus on the key elements of an industry-wide strategic plan for consulting engineering and to develop a common commitment to collectively implement the plan by the national and provincial associations alike. For more information on the Plan, please refer to: on our web-site.


Canada's Ailing Infrastructure

CBC television is preparing a report that is scheduled to air in March, 2001 that focuses on the state of Canada's ailing infrastructure.

ACEC has been contacted and asked to help in identifying specific highway and municipal examples across Canada of where the state of infrastructure is in dangerous condition or is degrading rapidly due to insufficient federal government investments. If you can help, please contact Richard Roulx at the Association's head office at (613) 236-0569 or

The information will be forwarded to CBC in the Association's name, not the individual firms who provided information. We would also appreciate news of where inadequate infrastructure has caused serious traffic accidents, like the recent tunnel disaster outside of Revelestoke, B.C. or the incidence of municipal water quality advisories.

ACEC continues to push for greater public recognition of the importance of improved infrastructure as a way to sustain our quality of life, reduce health care costs and improve the environment. We have made our views known most recently in a post-election letter to Prime Minister Chrétien.

A copy of that letter is available to members on our web-site at Please consider writing a similar letter to your newly elected federal member of parliament.


Government Relations Day 2001

Watch for upcoming information on the 2001 Government Relations Day to be held in Ottawa, during the month of February.