June 2000


"A review of the past month and what's ahead!"


New ACEC Vision Created in Kananaskis.

Earlier this month, the ACEC Board of Directors met in Kananaskis Alberta for a Special Planning Session. The outcome of this meeting was a clear vision for ACEC, intended to bring the Association and its members into the forefront of today's society and well into the 21st century.

ACEC in 2005
The Kananaskis Vision


  • Consulting Engineers are recognized and valued as key players in societal planning and development.
  • Outsourcing of Engineering services is recognized as providing added value and financial efficiency.


  • Professionals queue up to join the consulting industry as it offers a highly compensated and challenging career.
  • Clients reward consultants well because they enhance quality of life and life expectancy, while reducing life-cycle costs.

Business Practices:

  • Business practices are profit-oriented, returning regular and significant profits (15% +), allowing for training, higher quality, and capitalization.
  • Fair and equitable contracts are the norm, which support and nourish profits.


  • ACEC enjoys influential relationships that produce measurable success in key policy and business areas.


  • ACEC provides a forum for anticipating and leading change that will be important to its members.

ACEC asks PM Chrétien for increased Highway commitment.

With the release of a CD-rom presentation on the current state of Canada's National Highway System, created by the current government's Highway Caucus Committee, the question of highway safety and the level of the Prime Minister's commitment to its improvement has once again been brought to the forefront of discussion by ACEC.

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Tim Page, President of ACEC, encouraged an "increased and accelerated investment in highways on a priority basis" by the Chrétien government.

"Our national road system was developed in the 1960's and is no longer capable of carrying the vehicular and commercial traffic of the early 21st Century. Furthermore, the Canadian highway system was built to saftey codes and engineering standards of the day. While the codes have been updated, the highway system has not been."

"Greater investment in highways today than committed up to now by your government will:

  • produce a tangible return in reduced health care and social costs through safer roadways;
  • improve domestic productivity and competitiveness and contribute measurably to your government's Kyoto commitments by reducing transportation bottlenecks; and,
  • help to keep a qualified professional engineering workforce in Canada to respond to this and other inportant priorities of your government in the years to come".

The Prime Minister was urged "to act now to eradicate Canada's $17 billion highways deficit during this decade, and provide our citizens with the means to achieve higher economic productivity through a safer, modern, National Highway system".

For more information please contact the ACEC National Office.

Bob Lorimer Nominated as New V.P. for FEPAC.

Bob Lorimer P. Eng., President of Lorimer and Associates and Past Chair of ACEC was recently elected Vice-President for FEPAC. The Panamerican Federation of Consultants is the international association that represents the Consulting industry throughout the Americas. As Vice-President, Bob is in-line to become the next President of FEPAC. Congratulations Bob!

Stantec will take home 2000 R&D 100 Award.

Stantec has been named recipient of the 2000 R&D 100 Award by R&D Magazine, for the invention of the Electric Furnace System Optimization Process, also know as EFSOP. This makes Stantec one of the first Canadian companies ever to win this prestigious award. The Stantec Goodfellow EFSOP technology is designed to optimize the steelmaking process and reduce contaminant emissions from electric arc furnaces, with the potential for significant energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gases. Stantec will be honoured at the international awards gala to be held in September at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry.

Coming Soon...

October 20, 2000 in Montreal, Quebec

Celebrating our Associations best and brightest!!
Some of the areas awarded will be:

*Building Engineering
*Transportation Infrastructure
*Water Resources and Energy Production
*Environmental Remediation
*Natural Resources, Mining and Industrial
*Studies, Software and Special Projects
*Project Management
*Beaubien and Schreyer Awards

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