June/July 2001


"A review of the past month and what's ahead!"


In calling for a collective industry effort to address these trends Mr. Steeves said that "...the time has come for engineers to act. There comes a time when neglect and poor investment decisions must be challenged...when we must speak out against technical ignorance and misinformation...when professional ethics require us to act in the interest of public health and safety." He concluded by saying that "the time is now and I am proud that ACEC is prepared to challenge, to speak out, to act and to defend."

2001 ACEC National Convention

Thank you to all who helped make the 2001 ACEC National Convention a success. Blessed with
beautiful BC weather, the convention on sustainable development tackled topics on preserving and advancing the sustainability of the built and natural environments. Notes from the conventions sessions can be found on the ACEC web-site at www.acec.ca in the section listed as "what's new".

The 2002 Convention will be held at Le Manoir Richelieu in Charlevoix, Quebec, from June 27th to the 29th, 2002. For more information on these or any other ACEC events, please contact Kerrie Reid at events@acec.ca

Andrew Steeves, P.Eng. assumes ACEC Chair in Kelowna

In his acceptance speech to the 77th Annual General Meeting of ACEC Andrew Steeves, P.Eng said that "Engineers have gone from being leaders and strategic partners in our community to servants used for tactical details...Many consulting services are treated as commodities, selected on the basis of price. Engineers have been pushed down in the decision-making process. Engineering remuneration has fallen relative to other professions; and the same is true of consulting engineers relative to other engineering employers. To date our industry's public response has been mute and largely disorganized. We have complained among ourselves and then gone out and responded to the next price quote."

ACEC and CEBC to host FEPAC Executive Committee in Vancouver

From August 9-12, 2001 members of the FEPAC Executive Committee will be in Vancouver to meet with potential joint venture partners, be exposed to Canadian technology, participate in specially organized business sessions and conduct meetings with members of the ACEC and CEBC Executive. Members who would like to learn more about this mission are invited to contact Tim Page at the National Office or Kate Cockerill at the CEBC office in Vancouver.

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